Rozzi featured in this month’s Halleloo Couch Concert Series

Halleloo, the Brooklyn-based creative agency and production company that recently launched a monthly video series featuring artists performing acoustic versions of their songs on the studio couch has released video for November’s artist of the month, Rozzi.

First discovered on a road trip to the Catskills, Rozzi popped up on Halleloo founder Nathan Chang’s Spotify singing “The Thought of You” from her EP Time, and says he immediately fell in love. “She has one of those voices that makes you stop what you’re doing and listen. I’ve even played her music at parties before and every time I do, everyone will fall silent and someone will inevitably ask, “Who is this?” And the answer is, this is Rozzi.”

Years after Chang discovered her, he was out to dinner with friend Julia Mattison (featured below singing background vocals) and Rozzi came up in conversation. Julia responded, “Oh, Rozzi is one of my best friends from home! We went to high school together.” And with that a connection was made immediately, and four days later they found themselves filming her session of Halleloo Couch Concert in their Brooklyn studio.

Sung live, Rozzi’s music is so powerful because she is not only an incredible singer, but an incredible performer. Her songs are packed with emotion and have a clear emotional arc when sung in one take. Chang feels that this makes the ideal setting to listen to her music. Rozzi is backed on this track by Julia Mattison (backgound vocals) and Bryn Bliska (piano and vocals). 

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