Toronto duo Crash Adams release first single “Astronauts”

Crash Adams, a duo from Toronto comprised of Rafaele Massarelli (Crash) and Vince Sasso (Adams), have been around music their entire lives. With Massarelli’s uncle running a studio since before they were born, they’ve been luck enough to use the studio whenever they wanted.

As a result, the duo produce, write, sing, mix and master all their music, and this week have released their first single, “Astronauts.” The track kicks off their soon to be released EP, and does so with gusto. With a distinct club vibe and a touch of Chromeo-style funk, “Astronauts” is an infectious song for Crash Adams to make an introduction to audiences.

With an immense range of influences, Crash Adams‘ goal is to make you feel nostalgic, yet inspired.

Crash says of “Astronauts”:

“There are so many “astronauts” in the world, they may know it or not, but eventually they will achieve everything they’ve wanted out of their time on earth. It will be hard, and they will be considered different from those who aren’t astronauts. But in the end, the view of earth is greatest from outer space.”

crash adams

“Musically, our album is inspired by sounds that spoke to us growing up, and what feelings helped shaped our lives. There are many hidden messages in our brand that will be revealed throughout our journey. We want our sound to be more of a feeling than a genre, and that’s what we’re striving to keep.”

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