Hearing Aide: Shiragirl ‘Andi Underground’

'Andi Underground' Is the Anthem of A Rebellion Story

The latest from Shiragirl, Andi Underground, was released on July 26, is a unique blend of old school punk rock and modern pop. If Madonna and The Ramones were to have a musical child, Shiragirl would be the product of this affair. This album described as a dystopian punk rock musical was co-written with Tim Armstrong of Rancid, and mixed by Cameron Webb (Motorhead and Kelly Clarkson).  

The title and concept of the album are inspired by the infamous tale of Alice in Wonderland, where a girl is wanting to escape a society headed for digital chaos to an underground free world. Andi decides to break away from the dystopia and runs away, and this is the soundtrack to her journey. 

The album begins with the track “Controlled” where Andi is describing the controlling lifestyle she’s experiencing. It’s a single file march to brainwashing, where if you step out of line, you might end up dead. This track is the start of Andi going against the grain with the aggressive lyrics “We don’t wanna be controlled” and breaking away from the conformity.  This tune sets the reckless attitude for the rest of the album.     

Shiragirl Andi Underground
Photo by Max Aria.

Another track that stands out is the third track of the album and hit single “Nothin To Lose.” The song premiered on July 2, with deep roots and influence of old school punk rock, the hard-hitting track is the anthem of this rebellious story. The lyrics represent Andi running away and falling down a hole into an underground co-existing world, and feeling like she has “Nothin to Lose,” by following her intuition and venturing into this new unfamiliar world. The electrifying guitar solo in the middle of the song gives the imagery of breaking through metaphorical barriers, and a sense of rebellion from the world she escaped. The EP tells a story that’s well thought out by Shiragirl and her manager, with the tracks cohesively placed to give the story order.     

Shiragirl has made a name for herself in the music industry and proved to be more than a Warped Tour icon with this album. The group sky-rocketed their career when Shira and her band crashed Warped tour in her iconic pink RV and set up a stage on top the RV.  The unknown band at the time rocked out and after receiving a rousing crowd response, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman invited Shira to return the following summer to host the official Shiragirl Stage. The stage was shared by female artists from all over the nation and ultimately helped accomplish Shira’s mission to empower women by providing a platform for creative expression. The stage went on to host over 200 female-fronted bands, some of them making their Warped debuts including Paramore’s first-ever tour, and the legendary Joan Jett.  

Not only is Shiragirl a staple of the East Coast punk rock scene, but she’s also a symbol of female empowerment in the music industry. It’s no question why Shiragirl is considered a Warped Tour veteran. This album successfully serves as a rebellious anthem to break away from the norms in society and create your path. Expect to see Shiragirl grabbing the punk rock scene by the horns and headlining large scale festivals very soon, especially after the release of Andi Underground.

Key Tracks: Controlled, Nothin to Lose, We Are the Underground 

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