Chris Fisher and Conehead Buddha Gifts Hometown Reunion

Virginia, there is a Santa Claus; and he has granted all of the good and bad children of the Capital District a very precious present, a Conehead Buddha reunion show! A night filled with frolicking funk and ska that only this classic jam band, formed in the mid-90’s, can provide. Conehead Buddha, once a mainstay of the NYS music scene, will be reuniting for a once in a lifetime spectacle at The Marble Rock House located in Leeds, NY on Saturday July 13 at 9PM. The musical establishment is co-owned by Neil Murphy and long time Conehead Buddha Trumpet player, Terry Lynch, so it will definitely be a hometown performance with their loyal fans in attendance.

Chris Fisher Conehead Buddha

Founder of Conehead Buddha and front-man Chris Fisher has traveled back to New York State from his new home base of Brentwood, Tennessee, and along with Lynch they have organized a gathering of Conehead Buddha members, from various iterations of the band’s lineup throughout their 25 year + run. A notable exception to the band’s roster will be the absence of longtime Buddha saxophonist Shannon Lynch whose indelible presence will be missed. Her duties will be expertly filled by Neal Spitzer, who is also a Conehead Buddha alumni.

The night will be a retrospective of Buddha’s extensive catalog mined from their six LP’s of original material released over the years. Tickets are $15.00 and are expected to sell out for the show, so make sure to purchase them prior at the Marble Rock House website.

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