Premiere: Backseat Bullets “Bonnie Meets Clyde”

Performing at The Low Beat in Albany on October 15

Albany’s Backseat Bullets consider themselves the noisiest band from the Capital District and that moniker is on the spot on “Bonnie Meets Clyde,” the latest single from the shoe gaze trio that combines grunge, punk and emo-pop with ease.

Geddies says of the track: “‘Bonnie Meets Clyde’ was one of four or five songs I had written and taken real Lo-fi crappy recordings of in my dorm room spring semester of my freshman year. It was the result of the convergence between a bunch of new artists and musical styles I had been getting into, some pretty obscure and interesting stuff. For the longest time the melody and later, the lyrics (mainly about all the antics love inspires), of the song played as a soundtrack for my life, something I would whistle or hum to myself on the way to class. After classes ended for Jeremy (Lopez) and I and we were back home for the summer practicing for the string of shows and small weekend tours we had coming up we would work on the song here and there but it was never something that took the spotlight.

We finally had it written the way we wanted and had gotten the chance to play it only at one or two shows towards the end of summer. A week before Jeremy left for school I remember coming to him asking “Hey let’s record this” with the intention to release it while we were away. I guess the whole thing was just pretty impulsive, we got it all recorded in a day and sent out to be further mixed and mastered later that week. It really proved to me how much important the shared importance of music and DIY ethos are between Jeremy and I. The whole mentality I had the entire time was just to use the little time we had available to us (we both had pretty intense work and personal schedules at the time ) to make a song that in the end both of us were pretty proud of.”

Lopez says of the track: “This one was pretty special because I knew it was going to be the last song we would track together as a while. It was almost like a wake up call for me to be honest with myself and admit the fact that summer is over and Zac and I will be apart for a while. With my Behringer 4 input audio interface and 4 Pyle (SM57 clones), we tracked the guitar and drums in one take which was surprising because we never do that. Our friend Matt Spinner (The Northway) was kind enough to mix and master this basement recording of ours in due time for its release. We’re proud of it and hope ya’ll enjoy it too!”

The Backseat Bullets (BSB) have a true “do it yourself attitude” and have quickly become game changers in the Albany music scene. Starting with their humble beginnings in a barn outside of the city to working their way into some of the most iconic and nationally recognizable venues in the scene. Hopeful to reinvent the old stereotype of a three piece punk band, The Backseat Bullets have roots in hardcore punk as well as modern dream pop and shoegaze music all wrapped up and delivered in a charming, mass appealing way that has caught the attention of music lovers far and wide. With recent releases including their debut EP Give You The Moon, and their most recent self produced single “Suede,” the band has announced they are currently recording a second EP that is promised to be full of 1990s grunge/emo era hooks and singable choruses.

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