Photo Gallery: Perpetual Groove at Brooklyn Bowl

Perpetual Groove brought their usual non-stop, southern style jams to Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday, September 15. Featuring Brock Butler (guitar, vocals), Adam Perry (bass, vocals), Matthew McDonald (keys, vocals), and Albert Suttle (drums), they reminded the packed house exactly why they skipped out on other awesome shows. One fan said before the show that he was skipping David Byrne for this show, and at intermission confirmed to that he had made the correct choice.

Set One: Release>GreenTea>Mayday>NaiveMelody>OutHere>GreenTea>DetoxMansion>GreenTea, PaperDolls, OnlyAlways

Set Two: AIM, Crapshoot, MOTA>Closer>RobotWaltz, StealyMan>BestOfAnything

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