Hearing Aide: Jon Lewis Band ‘Get Wild Somewhere’

Everyone loves rooting for the hometown star to catch a big break. Rochester’s very own Jon Lewis Band’s  latest offering Get Wild Somewhere has the potential to expose them to their widest and most diverse audience yet. It has nothing to do with luck though. The eighth album they’ve recorded in four years stands solidly on the five member’s pure and unadulterated passion, dedication, friendship and, most importantly, talent. 

The band’s namesake, Lewis is on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, accompanied by Dave Drago on bass, Jake Walsh on drums, Shawn Brogan on lead guitar and Alex Northrup on keys. With more time spent traveling to Los Angeles to record than actually spent in the studio, Get Wild Somewhere’s classic sound was accomplished through the use of vintage recording gear. All ten tracks were written with the intention of being played and recorded live.

“We didn’t want to do overdubs or try to manipulate our sound too much,” said Lewis. “That made it possible to record in a shorter period of time and also enabled us to make something that showcases all of our individual strengths.”

Fueled by adrenaline, backed by fans who crowdsourced over $2,000 to support the band’s trip to LA to record, and fed by the largest pizza they’ve ever seen (it had to be delivered through the loading dock door) Get Wild Somewhere has a polished, timeless sound that could only be done justice with vinyl.

The Jon Lewis Band consists of Dave Drago, Shawn Brogan, Jon Lewis, Alex Northrup and Jake Walsh.

Written by Lewis and produced, mixed and mastered by Drago in his 1809 Studios in Macedon, NY, Get Wild Somewhere tears onto the scene with the catchy opening track “Jerry My Berry.” Borrowing from the piano track that was used in famous recordings like “Werewolves in London” and “Summer Breeze,” combined with a catchy chorus, driving beat and melodious guitar licks, “Jerry My Berry” kicks the album off on an energetic note.

Track two, “Charity,” is a beautiful opus with rich vocal harmonies complimenting mournful wails from Northrup’s organ.

“You Don’t Wanna,” the third offering on the album, has a Beach Boys, surfer rock vibe to it. The clavinet introduces listeners to a an easy, breezy, likeable song that encapsulates the vintage vibe.

I just want to see your face

I just want to waste your time

I just want to talk to you

Cause you will see that I’m alright

The rough riding “Cinnamon Only,”carried by a driving lead guitar, is the first song on the album to have a full-length video to accompany it. Lewis created the video over one month’s time entirely with colored papers and sketches.

“I draw and cut out the characters, then photograph/animate them against a green screen, then I put all the layers together to create something I like to call ‘Paper World,'” he explains ,”The plot and story completely unfolded as I continued to work, just letting the song dictate the imagery.”

The album’s closer, So Familiar,“ is a gorgeously dark and stormy, mostly instrumental, song that hits to the core.

Get Wild Somewhere is the sound of five friends pouring their hearts out and having the time of their lives producing fresh, original and crush-able jams, heartfelt ballads and indie rock. Each song come together effortlessly and stands on their own, as if they were just waiting to be born.

The energy and connection on the album translates easily to the stage. Check the Jon Lewis Band out for yourself Friday, May 18 at their Album Release Party at Three Heads Brewing. Here’s hoping that this is just the start of something even bigger for these five Rochester musical dynamos!

Key Tracks: Jerry My Berry, You Don’t Wanna, So Familiar


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