Hearing Aide: Dave DiPrimo Band ‘Reflections’

One day photographer Michael Slattery found himself chasing elusive clouds with his camera, only to find the perfect shot in his passenger side mirror. Like the artwork memorialized on its cover, Reflections by Dave DiPrimo Band grasps for things in the past, just beyond reach. It’s an album rife with ruminations and dwellings.

At a time when many of their college-age peers are churning out angsty pop punk, Dave DiPrimo and his bandmates are composing alternative folk songs featuring soulful saxophone riffs. DiPrimo makes references to his maturity in the song “Fall Down,” with the lines “You can call me old fashioned/I prefer to be called an old soul.” Weaving in threads from influences as wide and varied as Otis Redding and The Front Bottoms, Reflections is a contemporary yet traditional tapestry of Americana.

The title track “Know You Best” sets the nostalgic tone for the poetic, introspective collection. It’s a song about unrequited love and longing for connection. It alternates between pleading verses and a bellowing chorus. “Now” is another contemplative track, rueful oozing with melancholy. “Every day it gets a little bit colder/ every day I get a little bit older,” sings DiPrimo. The slight distortion on guitar lends a distant, dreamy effect. The melody is set to the a rat-tat-tat drum beat laid down by Reid Hoffmeier and deep rhythms from Ian Benz on bass. The saxophone played by Karis Gregory is featured prominently on the bittersweet ballad “Caroline.” The indie rock anthem “Glory Days,” wraps up the album, ending on a slightly higher note with remembrances of happy times.

Dave DiPrimo Band recorded Reflections in a single day at The Green Room. The 9-song collection was mixed and produced by studio owner Matt Ramerman. CD’s are available at their live shows. The album can be found digitally on multiple music platforms, including Spotify and iTunes.

Key Tracks: Know You Best, Fall Down, Now, Caroline, Glory Days

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