The Kerfuffle Before Christmas Night One

Christmas is almost upon us and what better a way to spend leading up to it than at a concert with three great acts.  Alternative Buffalo 107.7 hosts The Kerfuffle Before Christmas (TKBC) every year. This year was different; they split it into 3 separate concerts. The last Thursday of November was the night one of three, hosted at Buffalo Riverworks. The venue itself isn’t too new, but they are new to putting on large concerts.

Upon entry, you could see some people were in the Christmas spirit and were dressed to accompany it. Barns Courtney kicked things off for the night and got the crowd on their feet. At one point, he climbed the scaffolds that were part of the stage, singing to the fans as he went higher and higher. His voice, practically faultless throughout the pop rock morsels he delivered, and the adoring audience singing most of the words back to him only cemented his newfound rock star status.


In her first appearance in Buffalo, NY, Bishop Briggs, legally known as Sarah McLaughlin, then walked onto the stage. You could sense a little nervousness in her just based on her mannerisms, but soon enough those were shaken off and she ran the stage effortlessly. Her stage name stems from her family’s hometown of Bishopbriggs in Scotland. Sarah is most famously known for her hit “River” that she sang second song in and that really sparked energy in the crowd. A good portion of female singers portray themselves in a seductive manner when they are singing – not Bishop. She was wearing a track suit and was running back and forth on the stage as her long black pig tails followed right behind her. She didn’t stop smiling the whole time as if the whole thing was surreal. She is new to the music world and soon enough I think she will be dubbed queen of dark pop.DSC_6039


Headlining the night was the ever so popular New Politics who have created such a cult following over the last several years. Buffalo is their second home base, they come here several times a year. They make it well known that they are very humbled to be here, met with such open arms. They sang classics such as “Harlem” and their newest hit, “One of Us.” They also debuted a new song called “Color Green” which is about David Boyd’s new daughter, Wolfgang, whom he recently had with girlfriend Christian Marie Serratos who is famously known for being Rosita on The Walking Dead.  These guys never disappoint when it comes to a performance, from crazy antics like break dancing moves that you’d find at the NYC subway stations to flawless solos from guitarist Søren Hansen.DSC_6131

Night one of Kerfuffle was a success. If this is any indication as to how the other two shows will be, we are in for quite the treat. Tickets are still available for both shows. You can find them on or at local FYE stores.


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