Hearing Aide: The Ghost of Paul Revere ‘Monarch’

As autumn sets fire to leafy landscapes, The Ghost of Paul Revere is turning over a new album, Monarch, transitioning through the seasons with an altered lineup, but staying true to their self-proclaimed “holler folk” inclinations.

ghost of paul revere monarchMonarch emerges Oct. 27, borne from the minds of Ghost’s three mainstays: Griffin Sherry (guitar/vocals), Max Davis (banjo/vocals) and Sean McCarthy (bass/vocals). Though the recent departure of harmonica man Matthew Young has trimmed Ghost to a trio, by no means has their sound been diminished. This album abundantly features a kaleidoscope (also the term for a group of butterflies) of instrumental contributions including drums, cello and piano.

Thematically the songs hover heavily over heartache, with lyrics written by Sherry and Davis. Sherry’s more straightforward, relatable verses are delivered with a slight gruffness compared to Davis’ more poetically descriptive, obscure language and delicate vocals. The three musicians harmonize beautifully, adding a warmth to even the saddest of songs. Several of the songs pose questions for the introspective: “Little Bird” asks “Do your bones feel hollow? Do you tremble and shake? Do you cry when you’re all alone?” “Kings Road” ponders “What will you tell the dogs of your past? What will you tell the rest of your bloodline pack?” “Montreal” achingly offers “Are we growing apart or are we growing up?”

Not many songs on this album will induce a stomp and clap barn dance, but the music is gripping. The musicians add weight to their lyrics through beautiful intonation, where seemingly mundane words suddenly become powerful. There is a lot of power in feeling pain. Hardship often leads to metamorphosis.

Catch The Ghost of Paul Revere as they swing through the southern states into early November before heading up north, where they will play at Rough Trade in NYC on December 2 – be sure to keep an eye out for Monarch, released via Kobalt Music Recordings.

Key Tracks: Little Bird, Wild Child, Monarch

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