Venezuelan-American Folk/Rock singer Daniel Tortoledo Premieres “Eloise”

Brooklyn-based Venezuelan-American songwriter Daniel Tortoledo has released his latest single “Eloise,” from his upcoming album Throughout These Years.

Regarding “Eloise,” Tortoledo noted “When we first started putting it together with the band, I remember challenging the drummer to a bare minimum use of cymbals. Listening to the track today, I think it shows how much it can be accomplished with so little.” Daniel added “Anecdotes aside, I believe and stand behind every word in the lyrics.”

Throughout These Years is Daniel Tortoledo’s first full-length solo album and was recorded in New York City and Boston, and backed up by band members Billy Herron, Cullen Corley, Chris Kyle, Dave Cole and Grant Zubritsky. “I’ve worked in different projects in the past but this one has the most meaning to me because I was able to get out of my comfort zone and hit extreme aspects of my inner self.” he explained. “I feared and loved every decision along the process.”

Alongside the studio version, Tortoledo has shared an acoustic stripped-down rendition of the song, filmed during an intimate live session in Brooklyn shortly after the songwriter completed a string of West Coast shows.

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