Bastille’s Wild, Wild World Stops by The Palace

While weeknight shows are sometimes a little bit more difficult to make it to, they are just as worth a show on the weekend. On Sept. 12, Bastille made their second Upstate NY appearance along with some help from FRENSHIP at the Palace Theatre in Albany for a nice chip out of a midweek routine.

California-based FRENSHIP opened the night with an upbeat electropop set that seemed to impress new ears as well as fans of the band. While the band only released their debut EP last year, they were dynamic on stage, on par with the fact that they’ve been playing together for a few years prior to their EP release.

When Bastille took the stage silhouetted by the brightly backlit stage, the eagerness of the crowd in the standing area near the stage was like a flock of salmon jumping up a waterfall. The Palace remained tightly attentive to the music from start to finish.

Frontman and lyricist Dan Smith writes lyrics that are typically rooted in not the brightest of themes (though not always, as in “Glory”) which are paired with upbeat musical moods. Without being aware of the lyrics it is easy to place Bastille in a happy-going dance pop category. It is this conflict between lyric and song that work symbiotically on the subconscious ear.

It was this balance which kept the balcony and orchestra levels dancing throughout the show and carefully tuned in to the quieter songs such as the hauntingly melodic guitar and vocal duet between Smith and Will Farquarson on “Two Evils.” Bastille also showed off their knack for intelligently mashing two songs together – “No Angels” as a mix of TLC’s “No Scrubs” and the xx’s “Angels” and “Of the Night” as a mix of the two 90’s dance hits “Rhythm of the Night” and “Rhythm is a Dancer.”

Just as it would seem abnormal for a band like Lynyrd Skynyrd to not end their show with “Freebird,” Bastille rightfully closed their show with their biggest success, “Pompeii,” which got the band in a much brighter spotlight outside of the UK. FRENSHIP came out to jam for the last song, having just as much fun on stage as fans in the audience were having.

Bastille SetlistSend Them Off!, Laura Palmer, Overjoyed, Warmth, Flaws, Lethargy, Snakes, No Angels, The Draw, The Currents, Glory, Bad Blood, Oblivion, Blame, Icarus, Of the Night, Fake It, Good Grief

Two Evils, Things We Lost in the Fire, Pompeii

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