Clint Lowery Talks New Sevendust Album, Not Wanting to Record Full Length Albums

Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery, who is currently on tour as second guitarist with Seether, recently sat down with Scott Bowling, from the website “Good Company.” In the interview, Lowery opens up about Sevendust’s plans to follow up their tenth studio album, Kill The Flaw and his lack of desire to make full length albums in today’s music industry. Lowery will also appear on Seether’s upcoming new music video.

Bowling asked Lowery about performing as a singer with his side project Call Me No One, with Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose:

It made me understand and respect what Lajon [Witherspoon] goes through or any other singer you know. When you have to cover an entire record, you know, how you make your voice not get redundant, how do you make it interesting, and not use the same melodies, it’s just different. I write for singers a lot, but singing them myself, and really developing myself as a singer, it was a learning experience man.

When asked if he and Morgan toured the album: 

We did like a three week run with Nonpoint. That was humbling man. I’m not a huge live singer, I love going to the studio, and I can write melodies and all that stuff, but its a lot of pressure, and a certain confidence that singers have to have man, so I learned a lot about that too, and it made me understand and respect what Lajon does on that side, delivering these songs live. 

Lowery on if there is new Sevendust in the works: 

We’re gonna do another record in November man. We just started writing for it. It’s a different era, man. It’s, like, I’m touring with Seether, so there’s that; I’m really focused on that. But we’ve been demoing some stuff out, the same kind of creative team, and we’re gonna see what happens. We’re excited about it. We have a new label, Rise, and they’ve got some great bands, a great, creative team over there. So this will be our first real label that the band’s ever had.

With the multiple ways music is released these days, Lowery was asked if he would consider releasing music through a streaming service like Spotify. He commented:

I don’t wanna do full-length records anymore. I mean, I’m old school — I love vinyl and I love the whole presentation of a full record — but I do wanna be open to new ways to release music. I don’t feel like going in and taking a full year and this huge production and doing a full record. I mean, I believe in doing those, but I also believe that between these record cycles, just throw in a couple of sprinklings of new songs. I’m never gonna be one of those guys that will say, ‘Oh, don’t try it. Let’s just stick to the old thing until it’s completely ran into the ground.’ I’m open for new guys, a new energy and a new release strategies.

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