Hearing Aide: Haakon’s Fault ‘Waning Gibbous’

New York City based progressive rock band, Haakon’s Fault, has recently released their brand-new EP, Waning Gibbous. Despite the four-track project’s shortness, the band’s style and skill level is well showcased, combining elements of both wailing and grunge guitar offset by the entrance of a clean vocal by lead vocalist, Harry McNamara.

The EP’s opening self-titled track, “Waning Gibbous,” acts as an inviting introduction to the project. The song’s lead guitar riff captures and heats up the track to soon be cooled down by calming vocals. Despite the hot and cold nature of the track, it catches on fire with a piercing guitar solo that secures focus and desire to listen to the next three songs.

Waning Gibbous continues with a variety of sounds, followed by the second track, “Wicked World.” The track’s opening riff tells listeners to fasten their seatbelts. They’re on for the ride. With tints of hard-country, “Wicked World” symbolizes the versatile nature Haakon’s Fault has with their music.

Moving onto “Save Us” and then “Higher” Waning Gibbous provides an easy listening atmosphere for all listeners of music. It is very rare that a project is able to appeal to audiences of different genres while still remaining true to their sound. Haakon’s Fault is an example of a band that makes prog rock listenable to everyone. Their new EP stabilizes the thought that everyone, no matter the age or music sensibility, is able to rock.

Key Tracks: Waning Gibbous, Save Us, Higher

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