Hearing Aide: Julia Felice and The Whiskey Crisis ‘Devil On Your Back’

Julia Felice and The Whiskey Crisis, a rock group from Ithaca, have just released their second album Devil On Your Back. The album contains 11 tracks, and has a listening time of 44 minutes. Their tunes have an alternative, bluesy sound, and the album as a whole is more focused than their first, titled “Diving For Falls.” The group’s individual style is more refined on this record, as well, but the tone of their music can get repetitive.

That being said, the tracks on Devil On Your Back do feature some variety.

“Help Me Break,” the 6th song on the album, is sultry, soulful, and holds a slower rhythm than some of the other tunes. Julia Felice, the lead singer of The Whiskey Crisis, has a deep, raspy voice that is well complimented by the instrumentals this group puts out. “Help Me Break” showcases that factor in a different light. “Denim,” the shortest song on the album, exudes a funky, old school vibe, while “Waste” is one of the few upbeat tunes on the record, holding lots of feeling and spirit.

The classic sounds that Julia Felice and The Whiskey Crisis produce are strong, much like the stage presence the members hold, which can be demonstrated below. Julia Felice and the others exude focus and passion when performing, which is magnetic. They seem to be an entertaining group to watch if looking for an entertaining night of live music, producing Devil On Your Back for those who enjoy timeless tunes.

Key Tracks: Help Me Break, Denim, Waste

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