Hearing Aide: Foxtrot & The Get Down ‘Roots Too Deep’

Philadelphia rockers Foxtrot & The Get Down have had their share of success between touring and playing hometown shows in the city. The February 24 release of their full length album Roots Too Deep finds the band creating a more focused sound with nostalgic lyrics and high energy blues/rock songs. Lead singer and songwriter Colin Budny has a voice that was clearly meant to be paired with pristine rock guitar tones. Erica Ruiz provides the background vocals, fitting perfectly between Budny’s voice and the band’s driving rock melodies.

The first track “Postal” is a great intro to the album, but the second track is where the good stuff begins. “Roll Down The Road” is the anthem song, tugging at your urge to sing it loud and proud. Ruiz and Budny have the perfect duet of voices that can instantly make listeners smile. Blues rock bands often fall back on familiar habits, but Foxtrot & The Get Down have developed their own style without totally losing that thing that makes a good band great. “Roll Down The Road” is peppered with catchy lyrics and is a fantastic representation of what the band is striving to show their audience.

“Letter To Myself” slows it down a bit, opening with a guitar riff very reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. The song features Ruiz singing lead, with a voice that is the perfect mix of sultry and strong. The lyrics are a perfect reminder of what not to do, providing a fantastic build up to a guitar solo that bursts open the song at the seams.

Track seven “Ramblin’ Back To You” switches up the genre a bit, with more of a lighter, Americana feel. If you’re at all a fan of The Eagles, then this is the song that will bring you back to your roots. There really is something for everyone on the album, including rock ballads, love, loss and a yearning for something more. Budny and Ruiz’s harmonies have the ability to really tie certain songs together, providing the perfect backdrop for the rest of the band to shine.

Foxtrot & The Get Down currently share their time between the City of Brotherly Love and Nashville, where they were recently signed to indie record label American Echo records in 2015. There aren’t currently any tour dates listed, but keep an eye on their Facebook page and website for upcoming shows.

Key Tracks: Roll Down the Road, Just A Kid, If I Had It My Way



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