The Disco Biscuits Coming Home Again for 3 Night Run at the Fillmore Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love has seen more Disco Biscuits shows than any other, and the tradition will continue on February 2, 3, and 4 with the band’s second 3 night run at the Fillmore Philadelphia.  Almost a year ago to the day after their last visit to Philly, the Biscuits and locals alike are unanimous in their eagerness to get things started.  Having seen every show the band played last year, the fact that a slew of people consider last year’s Fillmore run to be one of the best in recent years in wholly unsurprising to me.  It’s the same concept of Home Team Advantage to make a seasonally appropriate football analogy; we’re all a little more comfortable closer to our roots.

We’ll be covering Friday night, right in the heat of it, giving first hand account of this writer’s 50th show.  Coming off a long, busy year of following the Disco Biscuits has honed my critical edge of their sound to a new level, and it’s safe to say that 2016 was one of their best within the last 3, 4, possibly 5 years.  The New Year’s Run at the famous Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA, was the band’s first outside region of their home town and the North East, and had some engaging highs and frankly embarrassing lows; will their return be triumphant?  Below you’ll find a video of the 3rd set’s beginning from New Year’s Eve leading into the countdown, a Trans-Siberian Orchestra cover entitled Wizards in Winter, with the most recent previous performance having been at the Rothbury Festival on July 3rd, 2008.

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