Hearing Aide: Seth Yacovone Band ‘Shovel Down’

The red-bearded guitar slinger from Vermont, who cuts his teeth in the cozy confines of Nectar’s, reunited with his band to release a new record. Yes, after twelve years, the Seth Yacovone Band finally put music to tape and set it free for the world to hear this past December. The band, drummer Steve Hadeka and bass player Alex Budney, has been playing live again together for the past few years. But when his bandmates bought him studio time for his birthday, it was time for Yacovone to finally reenter the world of recorded music.

Yacovone picked the shovel up for Shovel Down, a workingman’s rock album that digs deep to satisfy all of your rock cravings. What your favorite track is will depend entirely on how you like your rock cooked.

If you like it grooving and jammy, you’ll dig album-opener “Playing Patterns.” Zappa fans will gravitate toward “Caveman Guerrilla,” where Yacovone delivers it’s off-the-wall lyrics like “I’ve got the wherewithall of a Neanderthal” with a Zappa-like cadence punctuated by angular guitar blasts. “Falling on Deaf Ears” will not fall quietly to those that enjoy their rock with a pulsating melodic blues and Gov’t Mule fans will find a lot to like in the power trio blues jam “A Question Mark to Answer.” For those that like to enjoy it with their head on a swivel and their devil fingers raised high, “The Snake” descends into the depths of metal, complete with speedy runs down the fretboard and slithering reptilian lyrics. “Mr. Reed” will appeal to anyone who wants their rock raw, anthemic and fist-pumping while “Open the Door” bookends the album with more of that groovy funk.

For those that just want to hear some quality guitar playing, Yacovone has sprinkled plenty throughout this near-50 minute set that showcases a band, while quiet in the recording world, has clearly been putting the work in on the live stage.

Key Tracks: Caveman Guerrilla, Falling on Deaf Ears, Mr. Reed

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