Hearing Aide: MC Chris is Dreaming

mc-chris-is-dreamingIt’s hard to tell what MC Chris took seriously while developing this album MC Chris is Dreaming. There are times where the listener may think, “This is a complete joke, he must have completed this album in a night. For heaven’s sake, the album cover looks like it was drawn with pen on loose leaf paper.” And half way through the album, one may think that was one of the quickest, nerdiest, and wittiest rhymes that’s ever been spat. In other words, the quality of the album is proportionate to how much time is invested to finding all the little hidden lyrical gems.  

This album, set to drop September 30th, will sound absolutely ridiculous to anyone who has not heard of the genre nerd rap. MC Chris has a nasally and high pitched voice that spits culture driven lyrics driven by straightforward videogame-like beats. Take it as a whole and the album seems childish. But dissect it just a little bit and it becomes a pretty comical album.

This isn’t necessarily a concept album but there is some inspiration to it. Freddy Krueger haunts the dreams of the former Adult Swim contributor and while most of the songs are utterly ridiculous stories about how awesome he is, like “MC Chris Is The Shit,” or the death of Krueger, “Freddy’s Dead,” the album is pretty rewarding if listened to closely.

The beats can be very familiar, most likely a mockery of today’s popular rap sounds, and the lyrical content is a poetic version of  literally anything that comes to his mind or dreams. The man must have ADD.mc-chris-animated

Granted there are some pretty clever lines that can be caught if listened to very closely. His nasally voice can be very distracting though and requires the listener to be completely invested into what he’s saying. Once someone is, they’ll find clever little lines like in “MC Chris is Dreaming.”

“MC Chris is dreamin’ /  I’m not paying attention /  My head’s in the clouds I’m on another dimension / I’m like a space cadet and a space camp convention.”

Written down, the lyrics do not seem so special but the relentless speed at which he says it makes it pretty remarkable. He keeps up that quick pace throughout almost all of the tracks and it makes it a fairly impressive run, but once again, the listener needs to be totally invested into the song to catch these lines. This album is similar to watching a Disney movie with loads of adult humor –  the movie can be enjoyed as a whole, but watch it closely and find some pretty raunchy and rewarding cameos and easter eggs. In the album, these lines pop up one after another and can be hard to catch with the beats sometimes overpowering his squeaky voice.

Many of the tracks have to do with Freddy Krueger invading Chris’ mind which are entertaining but are some of the funniest parts of the album, these little run-on stories and dialogues between Chris and Freddy or Chris and the producers he’s trying to sell the album to. The two characters will go off on seemingly never ending tangents which shows some thought went into the chemistry of the characters but still makes one think, “These guys are  just screwing around.”

Aside from the dialogues, other songs like “Sad Sack,” are a bit more raunchy but pretty funny. It’s a typical trap beat with lyrics about, well, his sack.  It’s clever because usually songs with this kind of tone are more aggressive and hardened. But this is reminiscent of Eminem in terms of lyrics. It’s some pretty X-rated stuff, but the sharpness and speed of it makes it more professional.

“There’s a bit of a goo / in my fruit of the looms / but that isn’t why I lost a few of my dudes / I don’t need a big crew.”

It sounds so childish written down, and it is, but it must be compared to the quality of a TV show like South Park. It’s comical because of how narcissistic and sarcastic it is. MC Chris is Dreaming is the same thing.

If an open mind is kept, the album can be rewarding, but there’s a lot of time and focus to invest if the album is to be fully appreciated. Maybe when a lyrics sheet comes out the songs will need less attention and can be more easily enjoyed.

Key Tracks: MC Chris is Dreaming, Freddy’s Dead, Sad Sac

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