Hearing Aide: The Devyl Nellys ‘Delicious Business’

devyl-nellys-delicious-businessNew York City-based funk-pop band, The Devyl Nellys, recently released their newest album, Delicious Business in August. The band formed in 2011 and released their major label debut in 2014. They are constantly touring and have a handful of dates in Pennsylvania and Virginia in November and December.

Delicious Business kicks off with the title track. “Delicious Business” is full of a slow funk groove, reminiscent of Parliament Funkadelic, that sets the tone for the album. It’s followed up by “Rodeo Qween,” which features KC & the Sunshine Band on the track. Impromptu dance parties are bound to pop up wherever this ’70s-sounding funky disco tune is played.

“Hustle” and “Baad Seed” stray from the funk with their straight-up rock roots, both with a southern vibe. “Baad Seed” could be straight out of Texas both with the sound and the bad girl vibe to the lyrics. The band returns to the funk with “Love Suckaa,” which features Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band. More slow funk groove, similar to the first track, backs lyrics about a bad love.

The album ends with a quick upbeat funky rock song, “Bloody Merry.” It’s short and sweet and a perfect ending to an overall fun album.

Delicious Business is a fun, funky album that has a little something for everyone, from rock to funk to disco, listeners will be bopping around wherever it’s playing. The album can be streamed on the Devyl Nellys’ Soundcloud page. Keep updated on their tour on their website and Facebook page.

Key Tracks: Delicious Business, Rodeo Qween, Baad Seed

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