The Motet Boogies On Through Buffalo Ironworks

The Motet and opening act The Sideways got Buffalo boogieing down at Buffalo Ironworks on April 16. They all brought contagious energy.

The Sideways, a popular band in Rochester, started the night off. The band is a fusion of pop, soul and R&B. They played songs from their recently released debut album, Fair Weather. Their sweet sound got the audience’s dancing feet ready for The Motet.

The Motet, a Denver-based band with a blend of funk, soul, and jazz music, had people jamming and dancing. With the addition of vocalist Sarah Clark only this past fall, it felt like she’d always been part of the band. The way that she interacted with the crowd and carried this contagious energy of fun. Whether she was trying on an audience member’s sunglasses or leading the crowd in song, she kept up the energy all night long

Both The Sideways and The Motet left the Buffalo audience with their contagious energy and good vibes. I can honestly say that everyone left in such a great mood. I’d be surprised if someone didn’t.

The Motet will be back in New York on April 27 at Brooklyn Bowl.

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