Cousin Earth to make Brooklyn Bowl Debut Friday, August 12

This Friday, August 12, Brooklyn’s Cousin Earth will make their Brooklyn Bowl debut at 8:30 p.m. The five-piece band is rich in diversity, performing with ukulele, melodica, Ubass, kazoo; play a variety of originals and covers, with a style spanning genres and drawing in fans with anything from bluegrass to electronica with just about everything covered in between.

Cousin Earth - Rock N Roll Resort
Cousin Earth – Rock N Roll Resort

When NYSMusic first encountered Cousin Earth at Rock n Roll Resort 2015, Neil Benjamin had this to say:

“Cousin Earth, a five-piece, is about as far from a gimmick as possible. Calfa plays an electric ukulele, tuned GCEA, Corey J. Feldman plucks a four-string U-Bass, which is essentially an electric bass the size of, you guessed it, a ukulele. On lead vocals and melodica is Tara Lawton, a trained theater actor, who fits perfectly with Terry Brennan, another actor. Together, the pair added a Broadway-style flair to the hour-long set. On the backbeat is Nate Searing.

The group’s sound is so rich and full. I heard everything from calypso, to jam rock to hip-hop, reggae and even video game themes. Cousin Earth opened with a riveting cover of Phish’s ‘Possum,’ which featured Calfa’s technical, but fun, chops. Out of all the acts I witnessed for the first time this weekend, Cousin Earth gets my recommendation for band you absolutely need to experience.”

Cousin Earth opens for Love Canon, performing bluegrass covers of your favorite ’80s hits. More info here.

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