Disturbed Turns up the Heat at Darien Lake

It was a hot humid day this past Sunday at Darien Lake. In turn made some people harbor inside with the AC not to be seen until the temperature cools down and we can breathe easy again.  That didn’t stop rock fans from coming out and enjoying the top notch lineup that was about to implode the venue.

Saint Asonia is a new name to the music scene, but the musicians in it are rather seasoned. Staind‘s Mike Mushok, Dark New Day‘s Corey Lowery and former Finger Eleven drummer Rich Beddoe help make up the group. With only one album out people had an idea of what to expect, though they threw a Three Days Grace song in the mix. I was highly impressed by this band and how tight they were. The stage presence was good but could use some work. Please don’t become a one trick pony. There is too much talent and years left for that. Though with the heat wave of 89 degrees we had, let’s dismiss this performance for lack of movement from some members.

Alter Bridge, was formed from the ashes of Creed in 2004. Alter bridge came at you with tons of emotion from the moment they hit the stage. Myles Kennedy, whose voice, sounds radiantly clear despite moving continuously around from stage left to stage right. Adrenaline was running high at this point, and there was more to come. Mark Tremonti really knows how to schmooze the crowd with his killer smile and flawless guitar riffs. The rest of the set-list was a compilation of songs from of all their previous productions, but it was arranged in a manner that kept it agile and very engaging.

Breaking Ben has been a heavy hitter in the scene for years. They have had their fair share of problems recently and have made somewhat of a comeback but seem to be slightly struggling. Not quite sure if the heat was getting to the bands that night but Breaking Ben vocally was not on their game. He didn’t quite hit the notes he typically does but we all have our off days. That didn’t stop the fans from loving every moment of the show. They sat and had a collection of their best songs ranging from all the catalogs. Fans sang along to ever y last one of them despite his diminished vocal ability.

This band brings it each and every time they come to town, Disturbed has been dominating the rock scene for just short of 25 years; 22 years to be exact, only 20 of those years contained David. Disturbed brought extra heat with them that night with a pyrotechnics that could be felt from the back rows of the venue. David brought his deep heavy hitting vocals and was on point the entire night. He ranged from his older favorite tunes and even played a new song for the engaged crowd. He also did his rendition of “Sound of Silence” who was originally written by Simon and Garfunkel.  This seems to be his newest bit and people either love it or hate it; there is no in between. Regardless, his entire performance was one for the books and Buffalonians will always welcome him with open arms anytime he wants to come to Buffalo.

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