String Cheese Incident and Twiddle Play to a Rainy Ommegang Crowd

Ommegang Brewery played host to jam heavyweights Twiddle and String Cheese Incident on Friday, July 8. Despite the rain, the crowd enjoyed fresh beers and the ideal setting for live music in Central New York.

Twiddle began their set with a 20 minute long “Gatsby the Great,” as fans packed the front of the stage. Ryan Dempsey was heavy on keys early in the jam and Mihali seemed to tease a Flecktones tune before seguing into “Jamflowman,” with “Layla” worked in towards the end. “Zazu’s Flight” followed, dedicated to Dylan, which moved into “Frankenfoote,” wrapping up a tight four song set of older Twiddle tunes.

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As rainy as setbreak was, the crowd was treated to music referencing summertime and rain for the full 75 minute setbreak, making the extended break even more enjoyable, in addition to Ommegang’s beer selections.

SCI opened their set with “So Far From Home” > “Wheel Hoss,” raising the crowd out of the soaking rain that came through during setbreak and made brief appearances throughout their first set. The Michael Kang led “These Waves” is ideal island music with a jam that got extremely funky when Kyle Hollingsworth stepped up while Keith Moseley followed with “Until the Music’s Over,” both spacey and uplifting. Behind the band were impressive lights that matched up well with the band, a near perfect array and a highlight through the rain.

Of all the bands who cover the tune, String Cheese performs “This Must be the Place (Naïve Melody)” better than any other. The outro jam and crowd singing familiar lyrics were a huge highlight to the show. Seguing into “Hi Ho No Show,” a deep jam ensued after and led us into setbreak as a chill descended upon the crowd.

Set two was oddly mellower than set one, starting with “Climb” and beyond “Can’t Stop Now’, the set never seemed to reach the energy of set one. The newish “Falling Through the Cracks,” and jam ballad “Give me the Love” were relaxing and “Sirens” > “Miss Brown’s Teahouse” attempted to bring the energy back up, which peaked with “Land’s End” > “Colliding.” The encore of Pink Floyd’s “Fearless” > “How Mountain Girls Can Love” closed out the show with the same combo of mellowness and high energy that was found intertwined throughout the show, and wrapped up String Cheese’s first ever show in Cooperstown shortly before midnight.

The String Cheese Incident

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