Houston Police Arrest 130 in Gear Theft Ring

Rock Feed reports that the Houston Police Department has announced the arrest of 130 individuals in connection to a massive band gear theft ring that has been going on for over a year. The crime ring would steal vans and trailers filled with expensive equipment of touring musicians. Among those arrested, some were gang members, while some of the suspects have lengthy rap sheets, with a long criminal history.

Band Gear Theft Ring

An extensive undercover investigation by law enforcement led to the massive amount of arrest. In a recent press conference, authorities said that more arrests are imminent in the coming weeks. The 130 person arrest has resulted in over 200 charges filed, while recovering almost two million dollars in stolen goods. Criminals would avoid pawn shops and use word of mouth to sell items on the black market. Some of the goods would even be transferred to Mexico.

The Houston P.D. said that the thieves would also target and score big ticket items fast, including motorcycles, which one business lots its entire lot overnight. The ring would use concert venues as a hot spot for such items, as it was easy to steal large quantities of merchandise, quickly.

Lt. Mike Osina of the Houston P.D. said, “These thieves were stealing anything and everything they could put their hands on. They went after trailers they saw parked on the streets of Greater Houston.”

Captain Edwards of the Houston P.D. stated,

“To date the amount of property recovered is estimated to be upwards of 2 million dollars. In the course of this past year, this collaborative effort, through cooperation and communication, flexibility and a focused work ethic has led to the dismantling of this criminal enterprise.”

In May of 2015, country singer Zane Williams, had his van and trailer stolen, losing a 100 year old violin in the theft. Earlier this year, Americana rockers the Black Lillies, had their van and trailer stolen, leaving the band stranded in Houston with no way back to their hometown in Tennessee.

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