Show Review: Baroness and Youth Code at The Lost Horizon

This past week was truly a memorable night of music at the famed Lost Horizon. Baroness who is currently on tour in support of their new album “Purple” made a stop in Syracuse on Wednesday night. Joining Baroness was break out Industrial punk duo from Los Angeles, Youth Code. What separates Youth Code from modern industrial bands is that they use instruments and not computers to generate their “industrial” sound. It was a very unique experience. I expect that they will continue to rapidly grow their fan base based on what I heard.

Baroness played a very moving and intense set. The set included mostly selections off their current album “Purple” such as “Kerosene,” “Chlorine and Wine” and one that I really wanted to hear: “Desperation Burns.”  The band played a very heavy set before concluding with an encore of “Take My Bones Away” leaving the crowd wanting more!

One thing I enjoy about attending shows other than live music is getting the opportunity to collaborate with other photographers. Please enjoy the selection of photos that were taken by Cathy Bechle of NYS Music and myself.

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