Artist To Check Out – Seth Costner

Every once in a while you come across a voice, a musician, a talent that makes you do take a double take.  These are the artists NYS Music can’t wait to share with readers.  Seth Costner is our latest to join this crowd.  He is definitely an Artist To Check Out.

Seth is not your typical country musician.  In a genre that is so eclectic, his traditional country sound is one that as less commercial these days. Currently on the road with The Swon Brothers, NYS Music has had the opportunity to meet and see Seth in person a few times. You get a glimpse of his vocal abilities throughout the show, but it wasn’t until listening to his recent EP, The Easy Part, that you are aware of the vocal extent.  His voice has a melodic polished sound that is reminiscent of Vince Gill.  His musical talents do not escape the strings or keys as well.  He reminds me so much of the legendary musician.  He can play so many instruments, and has a voice so versatile that it teeters back and forth from an indie pop sound that you can hear in his first album, From The Ashes to that sound of his latest EP The Easy Part.  Key tracks I would defnitely check out are “Winter Feel Warm” and “Good As Gone” on the new EP.

Between being on the road and in the studio, Seth agreed to take a moment to speak with NYS Music about the new EP and introduce himself to everyone.

Kathy Stockbridge: (KS) Hi Seth, thank you so much for talking with NYS Music. For those of our readers who have not had the privilege to meet you and see you perform live…I’m so excited to introduce you. Have you always been involved in music? Was your family a musical family?

Seth Costner: (SC) Thanks for having me! I’ve been singing as long as I can remember, and although my parents aren’t particularly musical (my Mom played a little piano), my grandfather on my Mom’s side was a singer and vaudeville entertainer. He encouraged my singing at a very early age.

KS: Was music a big part of your life in school?

SC: I was home schooled which really gave me some freedom to pursue and emphasize music as a big part of my education. I took a lot of music lessons growing up from some great teachers in my hometown of Gadsden, Alabama.

KS: Who encouraged you the most to pursue your dream in music?

SC: My parents have always been very supportive of whatever my siblings and I wanted to do, and they knew that I wanted to have a career in the music industry one day so they were definitely my biggest encouragers.

KS: Talk to my readers a little about your musical resume…you play and sing. What instruments do you play? As a photographer I find myself drawn to certain cameras I own to create with…is it the same for you when writing/playing music?…do you find yourself at the piano or on the guitar first?

SC: I get bored if I stay on one instrument for too long, so I’ve found myself becoming interested in different instruments at different times in my life. I started out on piano, then moved to guitar in my teenage years. When I got to college I started learning other instruments like banjo, mandolin, drums, bass, harmonica and sax. I write most of my songs on the guitar, but every once in a while I’ll be inspired by the piano and write from there.

KS: What influenced your musical tastes? Events? Musicians? Musical moments?

SC: I’ve always been a musical sponge and have soaked up different things from different genres. Everything from gospel to R&B to country. James Taylor is one of my musical heroes. I’m influenced by great voices and great writers. My influences range from Ronnie Milsap to George Jones to Stevie Wonder. If it makes me feel something then I’m inspired.

KS: Talk to my readers a little about your musical journey to the stage. Did you play small shows in your hometown…did you come straight to Nashville…how did you begin working with The Swon Brothers?

SC: I started out singing in church and playing for my family. I did a number of shows in my hometown, from coffee shops to restaurants, even in the shoe department at a local clothing store once, haha. I moved to Nashville to attend college at Belmont University, and after school began using my abilities as a musician to get different jobs with various country artists. My first real artist gig was playing keyboards for James Otto, and from there I had the opportunity to play with many other artists including Lauren Alaina, The McClymonts, Chase Rice, Mickey Guyton and many others. I met the Swons about two years ago and they immediately became two of my best friends.

KS: I’ve seen the Swon Brothers live performances several times now and love the part where Zach and Colton turn it over to you to sing. Your voice blows me away. Talk to us a little about how you found the time with your touring schedule to create this new EP.

SC: Thank you! It was a very busy year for the guys last year. We were out on the road more than we were in town but I made sure to find time whenever I was in Nashville to write and record. I had the privilege of working with producer Brad Hill on my most recent project. He’s amazing and knew exactly what I wanted it to sound like. I’m hoping to get back into the studio with him again this year and work on a new project!

KS: Share with our readers a little about this EP…the songs..the message/feelings you want it to evoke…when we may see you out there sharing it live.

SC: Well I think it has a little bit of something for everyone on there. From fun party songs like “Beer Pressure” to the title track “The Easy Part”, I hope everyone who hears the EP can find a song they relate to in some way. “The Easy Part” is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, and although it’s not necessarily completely autobiographical, it’s very personal to me.

KS: I want to urge my readers to get this EP…it’s amazing and you’ll be grateful you did when he becomes HUGE!!! And that will happen..mark my words!! Where can they buy this?

SC: You can find the EP on most online music platforms. iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and more. My first album “From The Ashes”, is also available online. It’s a little more on the folk side of things, but if you like “The Easy Part” you’ll probably like it as well! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates!

KS: Can’t wait to see you again up this way!!!

SC: I’ll be playing keys for The Swon Brothers again this year, and we are heading out on the road with Carrie Underwood. …and hope to see y’all at a show this year, be sure to say hi!

I highly recommend checking out Seth’s new EP, and him either at a local gig or on the road this year with The Swon Brothers as they join Carrie Underwood in the near future at the First Niagara Center on May 24th or at Hunter Mountain on June 11th.

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