Hearing Aide: ShwizZ ‘…and then there were Trollz’

New York quartet ShwizZ have released a new EP ‘…and then there were Trollz’, the band’s third studio effort marking a new and fresh mature sound for the ascending band. The new album blends a completely original sound of progressive rock and roll with elements of traditional funk. The precision behind the dueling guitars drives the listener through a series of meandering twists and turns that are anchored beautifully by the tight rhythm section. The band’s sound sends listeners across a broad spectrum of progressive rock and roll, where it’s not uncommon to find piercing guitar solos draped across heavy drum beats encapsulated around the band’s pensive lyrics. In a realm where the listener can expect the unexpected, ShwizZ’s unique sound reigns supreme.

The EP kicks off with “Rude Shoes” which drops into a thick grove immediately without wasting a second. This anthem will surely become a crowd favorite as the lyrics are catchy and the musical breakdowns are sharp. “Brain Dead” features a darker and more mysterious undertone at first, with the lyrics surfacing with a filter. The song ends up finishing strong with a lot of room to improvise in a live setting. This number will surely grow to be one of the band’s many jam vehicles. “Hog Thai” is one of the more introspective takes on the new EP, featuring soft melodic fills that get whiplashed into a series of fast paced solos. The band really showcases their range and flexes their musical adeptness on this track. “Transmit and Receive” finds its way into a transcendental like jam, with a space like feel that breaks through to another Umphrey’s-esque prog rock chord progression. The EP wraps up with “The Breach” which is one of the band’s more psychedelic successes.

Currently the band is embarking on a tour through the mid-west, with dates booked on the east coast in support of the new EP. ShwizZ is also confirmed to play Domefest this year. The New York quartet continue to push the envelope in the studio and they continue to perfect their live performance. Fans have may reasons to rejoice and the new EP is a celebration of the band’s many successes.

Key Tracks: Transmit and Receive, Brain Dead, Rude Shoes


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