Breaks the Internet announced some new features on their site that will help posts gain exposures through social media.


As part of their efforts to help users buy, sell or trade tickets for concerts, incorporated some new features into their site that are meant to increase exposure for the posts. As part of these efforts, the team created new groups on Facebook and Twitter for every state in the U.S. along with groups for each of the artists, bands and festivals represented on the site. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, has expanded to their own sub-Reddit to increase exposure to the face value movement. When posts are made searching for, selling, or trading tickets for various events, they will be automatically posted to the respective social media group on all platforms based on the artist or festival and the location of the event.

To help maintain all the newly created groups, is looking for ambassadors to help promote and grow the various groups. To help users request information on becoming an ambassador or to join the various groups, they created an Exposure page with all the information regarding their new efforts and links to the individual social media groups. is the leading secondary marketplace for fans to buy, sell or trade tickets to concerts at face value. Since the site’s creation in 2009, the community has grown to nearly 250,000 users.

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