Craic Is Had By All at The Wescott Theater with Enter The Haggis

The Irish word “craic” refers to fun, music, and enjoyment. It is always great “craic” for all when Enter the Haggis plays the Westcott Theater, as they did this past weekend.

Two Hour Delay opened to a near empty venue prior to the main act, Enter the Haggis. As the audience began arriving, those present were unfortunately not truly engaged in the original music of this band. One song with its Jerry Garcia folksy feel, although really good, wasn’t enough to demand the full attention of the crowd.  As the night progressed, and the crowd filled, it was the last song with Brian Buchanan, that definitely roused the attention of the otherwise distracted audience.  It was a shame, but this band’s musical style was clearly not matched with the proper audience and unfortunately was lost in translation. Seeing this often, it reaffirms the importance of venues when booking acts to pair opening acts to the main act.  This not only readies the crowd for the headliner, but also introduces them to another band in the same genre.

craic enter the haggisThe Westcott is the perfect venue to showcase the relationship of Enter The Haggis shares with their fans. Concert goers get the sense that they are family and friends as band members Brian Buchanan, Craig Downie, Trevor Lewington, Mark Abraham and Bruce McCarthy take to the stage to play for their loyal following. Changing their name from Enter The Haggis to Jubilee Riots, back to Enter The Haggis, their fans didn’t skip a beat but instead skipped all the way to the next venue they were playing.  Their fans truly have a love affair with them and honestly could care less of their name.  Well, except for those die hard fans that already had the Enter The Haggis tattoos.

craic enter the haggisThe band opened with the lyrical and soulful “Aerials” which incorporated the vocals, guitars, bagpipes and fiddle of this cohesive group of entertainers. They continued with fan favorites including “Lanigans Ball”. At this point, everyone in the theatre was dancing. “Gasoline” was also a crowd favorite featuring Brian Buchanan on the fiddle and vocals. The audience joined him in an enthusiastic sing along. “C Section” featured multi-talented Craig Downie on the bagpipes. “One Last Drink” featured Trevor Lewington on the guitar and vocals. A concert attendee yelled “We love you, Trevor!” and he responded “I love you too, man!”

craic enter the haggisBecause the band is just a whole bunch of great guys, the entire audience was invited to the Enter the Haggis concert on Saint Patrick’s Day in Portland, Maine, and they would be remiss to not take a selfie of the evening for of those nearest and dearest to them to commemorate the evening, telling them “We are going to tag everyone in this room!”

The show was a continuous hour of strong vocals and an entertaining performance that incorporated many different instruments. The band returned for an encore of three more songs including one of their new songs, “Rose of Tyrone”. Enter the Haggis tells us they have written seven new songs, they will be recording and making the videos for in the weeks to come.

craic enter the haggisAll in all, good times “craic” was had by the audience which was a mix of devoted fans and those that were experiencing the band for the first time. This renowned Celtic rock band does not disappoint, and anyone who has the opportunity to experience their unique style of music should definitely attend a concert.

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