Bell Serenades The Knitting Factory

On Sunday February 28, Bell brought their tranquil sounds to an eager crowd at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. The southern-bred, NYC-crafted folk group is comprised of Caitlin Marie Bell (guitars/vocals), Gab Bowler (bass), Harper James (guitars) Jared Saltiel (drums) and Jason Sager (keyboards). It was a fitting night for their bright, soaring harmonies and placid soundscapes as Mother Nature had graced the borough with warm(ish) temperatures and plenty of sunshine earlier in the day.

The band took the stage, made quick introductions and graciously thanked the crowd for their support. They opened with a cover of “Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me” which was performed with so much character and earnest, you’d think it was an original. Caitlin’s soft and honest vocals weave a serene story over the band’s crisp and considered notes. They’re able to tell a different tale with each song and have the audience feel as if they’re a part of it; “Isn’t That Life,” an original, is a great example of this. They performed an excellent rendition of Hozier’s “Work Song” showcasing their tact at turning music into serious emotion. My favorite song of the night was their amazing performance of “In the Pines.” I’ve heard this track covered before but not quite how Bell did it justice; their harmonies and endearing sentiment allowed me to perceive the pain and worry the song imbues in a way I hadn’t heard before. Once the track ended you could hear a pin drop; they have an uncanny ability to tug on heartstrings through sound.

I’m excited to hear and see more from Bell as they certainly possess an abundance of talent. Be on the lookout for upcoming shows in the NYC metro area!

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