Brooklyn-Based Fox Indigo Releases “Trail of Hearts”

On June 14, award-winning songwriter and indie singer Fox Indigo, residing in Brooklyn, released her new single “Trail of Hearts.” With the tragic lyrics, and a soulful voice full of emotion on top of the energetic, jumpy backing track, Fox Indigo tells the tragic story of an intricate love triangle that ends in betrayal, heartbreak, and jealousy from all parties. Her newest single, “Trail of Hearts,” is just another example of her masterful storytelling through music.

trail of hearts

Fox Indigo is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer living in New York City. Before venturing out as a solo artist, Indigo was the frontwoman of indie rock band American Fever. After her departure from the group, she went on to compose the score for the independent musical “BLOOM,” which she also co-wrote, starred in, and directed. In 2023, the cast performed the full musical at the SheNYCArts festival in New York. “BLOOM” won Indigo and her co-writer Ashlyn Bondurant the Rooftop Writer’s Award in 2023.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fox Indigo wrote her first solo album, Man on the Moon, and released in 2022. Following the release of her musical, she is back and better than ever with her new song, “Trail of Hearts.” The single marks the highly-anticipated return of the pure, raw talent Fox Indigo embodies through her storytelling.

When juxtaposed against other music in the indie rock scene, “Trail of Hearts” immediately stands out. It’s clear that Fox Indigo draws her inspiration from a wide variety of artists. Sufjan Stevens, Beethoven, Regina Spektor, and the Beach Boys, (just to name a few) are only the beginning. As a classically trained musician, Fox Indigo mixes elements of jazz, rock, funk, and classical genres into her music. This single is no different.

Upon first listen, “Trail of Hearts” doesn’t sound like the typical indie-rock song. Piano chords in the pre-chorus and chorus and Fox Indigo’s punchy style of singing bring out the elements of jazz. Fox Indigo’s inspirations from classical music come through with the help of the violins. Combined with a group of talented musicians and other producers at the New School and Brooklyn College, “Trail of Hearts” displays Fox Indigo’s talent for composition.

The song’s lyrics bring it to the next level. With Fox Indigo’s growling vocals make lyrics like “And I’m so tired of having to get over things / Can’t anything stick? / For now, we’re young & beautiful / She is so beautiful / But it’s a goddamn trick” sound desperate and angry. It’s an honest perspective of how love triangles affect our emotions, lead us to jealousy, and test our patience with the ones we love. At other times, her wavering falsetto makes highly emotional moments like “She burns like the sun we idolize / God, she’s just like Marilyn Monroe / Leaving a trail of hearts / But she doesn’t know” sound as passive-aggressive, jealous, and vindictive as it should be.

Who wouldn’t be heartbroken and angry if their partner was looking at someone else, especially someone who is as beautiful as the iconic Marilyn Monroe? With this song, Fox Indigo shows us an honest look at how love triangles affect us. Through the brassy sounds of her jazz-inspired voice and the fusion of genres otherwise separate, “Trail of Hearts” is a fresh new single that showcases the artist’s incredible ability for storytelling.

“Trail of Hearts” is availible for listen on all streaming platforms, as well as this link.

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