Giant Panda, The Simpkin Project, Ocular Panther and Haewa Play the Westcott Halloween Weekend


Friday October 30 will spotlight a collection of reggae and jam-based music, delivered by the musical intertwining of Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, The Simpkin Project, Ocular Panther and Haewa at the Westcott Theater. Giant Panda and The Simpkin Project fall more into the reggae and americana genre, while Ocular Panther and Haewa will be showcasing their more instrumental experimentations.

Giant Panda

Giant Panda, hailing from Rochester, are continuing along their Fall Steady tour spanning October 22-30. Concentrating in the lower New England area, the tour began in Washington, DC and will conclude in Syracuse. James Searl (bass/vocals), Chris O’Brian (drums/vocals), Dylan Savage (guitar/vocals), Dan Keller (guitar/vocals) and Tony Gallicchio (keys) will be pulling from their eclectic mix of reggae and a more recent divergence into the sphere of americana/folk. Their heartening brand of country-bred tunes comprise their newest album Bright Days, released May 2015.

Indigenous Californians Phil Simpkin (vocals/guitar), Shawn Taylor (B3 organ/vocals), Sergio Sandoval (percussion) and Jules Luna (guitar/vocals) will nicely complement Giant Panda with their own reggae rhythms and folksy harmonizations.Giant Panda’s own O’brian and Searl will be providing their instrumentation to complete the ensemble and support The Simpkin Project, a band which Giant Panda has adored for years. With a noticeable Jack Johnson influence, The Simpkin Project will bring a warmth to the Westcott Theater.

The New York natives of Ocular Panther perform as an all instrumental trio featuring Jason Gilly (bass), Collin Jones (guitar/synth/samples) and Michael Pantano (guitar). Their free-flowing jams will give listeners a chance to contemplate the universe or any last-minute Halloween costume changes they may need to manufacture. Rochester-based Haewa, also soliciting the guitar work and vocals of Collin Jones, along with Brendon Caroselli (drums/percussion) and Ben Chilbert (bass) will open the show with a splash of psychedelic funkiness. Like an old pillow case bulging with the winnings of a blood thirsty trick-or-treaters plunder, the collection of sounds at the Westcott Thursday will provide something for every taste.

Doors open at 8:00 pm, show starts at 9:00 pm. Get tickets here.

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