Foreigner Brings the Classics to Darien Lake

Taking the stage promptly at 7:30 p.m. was Foreigner. For those who are unaware of who these legends are – Foreigner is an arsenal of rock spanning five decades with 10 multi-platinum albums including 16 Top 30 hits. The crowd roared as Chris Frazier came out and took his prominent position behind the drum kit first followed by Bruce Watson on guitar, Michael Bluestein on keyboards/piano and Jeff Pilson on the bass. Tom Gimbel (rhythm guitar/keyboards/saxophone), walked on the stage next just moments before frontman and vocalist Kelly Hansen walked up to the center microphone stand. The crowd was worked into a frenzy by the time everyone was in place and it was time to blow the roof off!


Kelly and company started off with “Double Vision” as the fans started rising to their feet in excitement. After the first song couple songs Kelly made some pretty racy remarks. He started mocking people who were in the front row that were sitting down while everyone else was standing up. He called out people that were on their cell phones the entire time and used some profanity. I was in disbelief and I think my colleague had to pick my jaw up from the floor.

The ever-classic radio favorite, “Cold As Ice” was performed next.  Towards the end of “Cold As Ice,” Kelly Hansen jumped down to the floor to sing with the audience as he walked around several sections before returning to the stage to finish the song.


What was pleasing to see was Foreigner included a little local touch to the show. He had the Attica High School Choir come out to the stage and sing “I Wanna Know What Love Is.” The crowd cheered ferociously as the kids walked to the stage. The performance by the choir was spectacular and it couldn’t have gone any better. To close out the night they played the classic “Hot Blooded.” This was my first time seeing Foreigner and mark my words I will go again every time they come to town, they have won over the younger generation.

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