Aqueous Announces Change in Drummers

Aqueous will be changing drummers after this week.

The band’s current drummer, Ryan Nogle, will be leaving due to health issues. He will be replaced by Tom Vayo, who the band calls an “INCREDIBLE musician/multi instrumentalist.”

Here’s the official announcement the band posted on their Facebook page:

Today, we bring you some important news from camp AQ-
Ryan Nogle will perform his last gig as Aqueous’ drummer this week at Peach Music Festival (strangely enough, the same location that he began his career with us one year ago)- Ryan has a medical condition that is preventing him from continuing on with the band any further; He’s got severe carpel tunnel and nerve damage in both arms, and for the sake of him being able to play drums AT ALL later in life, it will require him to step down from his position as AQ’s drummer.
We’ve been aware of this issue since February of this year, and have in turn been auditioning drummers with the help of Ryan and our previous drummer Nick to find EXACTLY the right fit for our sound; We are very in tune with the fact that our friendships offstage directly dictate the quality of our music, and have searched high and low for someone who not only has the chops, but also fits within our cannon of friendliness, drive, and creative vision that we care so deeply about- I’m happy to report that we’ve all come to agree that Buffalo’s own Tom Vayo will replace Ryan as Aqueous’ long term drummer. Tom is an INCREDIBLE musician/multi instrumentalist, and shares our same drive, passion, and commitment to putting on the best shows possible every night, and to writing the best music we can for you guys- He was a natural choice after auditioning many different drummers, and we are thrilled and excited to have him join our family!
That being said, it’s important that we take a moment and appreciate how much Ryan (and his family) have done for Aqueous both offstage and onstage for YEARS. Although Ryan has only been performing as a full-time member for one year, he is behind ALL of our studio and live releases, has repaired and or built half the equipment we’ve used since our inception, been our live audio engineer for many shows, and has been a close friend and supporter of the band for nearly a decade. Even though the scenario is tough, we here at AQ headquarters all feel incredibly grateful that our friendships are stronger than ever and that we can all move forward with each others’ help- Our new drummer Tom has been spending time with us on the road and at shows, and is working directly with Ryan in multiple facets to come in strongly as he steps up to the huge task of filling Ryan’s shoes. We’re all confident that he’s the man for the job, and we look very forward to the exciting future ahead.
We appreciate everyone’s sympathy and understanding with this situation; it was absolutely beyond any of our control, but we feel poised to welcome in the next chapter of our already exciting story. We wish to truly thank Ryan for his dedication and his incredible talent, and to thank you good folks for sticking with us through the obstacles over the years- We really, really do appreciate it. Here’s some words from Ryan himself:
“It’s hard for me to comprehend that a year has already passed since I joined Aqueous. All the shows and people I’ve met; it’s almost like a blur. August 15th we’ll be playing at Peach MusicFest in Scranton. Right back where I started from one year ago. It was a spectacular experience. My second show since officially joining the band. What I had longed for, and worked toward for so long had finally come to fruition. I was touring with a band playing drums. Not just any band though. The band that I wanted desperately to be a part of since the first time I mixed sound for them at a dumpy little theatre back in 2007. My patience had paid off. The transition was easy. These guys were already my best friends. There was no awkward “get to know you” phase. Just four friends on a stage making some heavy duty music. I’ve jammed with these guys in various formats over the years but nothing compared to actually being part of this well-oiled machine. As time passed and more shows were performed, it just kept getting better. The music expanded and became more adventurous. Chances were being taken. It was phenomenal. Now we fast forward to a year later. Heading back to Scranton for another go round. It’s hard to imagine that this will in fact be my final performance with Aqueous. Leaving this band is the last thing I ever thought I’d be doing. This past year has been one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling years of my life. I’ve met the most incredible people on the road and have played some of the coolest gigs I could have ever imagined. I have friends all over the country now that I would always look forward to seeing at shows. That aspect is one of the most difficult parts to come to terms with. Those we meet in our lives help define who we are as humans and help shape and create these experiences. Interacting with all of you who I have met on the road have contributed to some of my favorite memories. I thank every single person who I’ve met on this journey for your kindness and support. I have experienced so much love from this community. I also thank Mike, Dave, Evan, and Josh for giving me the opportunity to be thrown into this unique life and truly “live the dream.” Without you guys, I would have just been some chump making noise in his basement. I appreciate everything that life has given me and bare no negative feelings about how things have played out. I loved every moment of this experience and those memories will last a lifetime.
Thank you for those memories.” Ryan J. Nogle
Much love everyone, see you out there-
Mike, Dave, Evan, Ryan, and Tom

Ryan will definitely be missed. Here’s a video of him rocking out “Don’t Do It” last week in Buffalo:

And another of one of his great solos at Buffalo Ironworks last year:

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