Deftones And Incubus Rock Darien Lake

On Sunday, August 2, Darien Lake Performing Arts Center was once again host to another great summer tour. The show was the co-headlining tour with the Deftones and Incubus. With a late start time, concert goers had plenty of time to enjoy the nice day and it’s safe to assume many of those people spent it inside the theme park.

Shortly after 5 p.m., the parking lot to the theme park was a sea of cars and the concert parking was already getting filled. The time for doors was delayed for a short period of time while the stage crew scrambled to get the production all set for the show. Once the doors opened, the opening band called The Bots took the stage. It’s not often that a “band” consists of just two members but that’s what The Bots are. The duo is formed by brothers Mikaiah Lei and Anaiah Lei who are from Los Angeles. These youngsters didn’t care if the seats were filled inside or not because they absolutely rocked it. Their “garage punk” style is one that will most likely take them on many more tours in the near future.

deftones and incubusAfter a short stage tear-down the Deftones were next to take the stage. It was a mystery before the show who would close the night out because it could have easily been either the Deftones or Incubus. Opening their set with “Diamond Eyes,” off their 2010 release Diamond Eyes, the Deftones set the vibe for the rest of the show. There’s not many bands that have a distinct sound like the Deftones do. From the slow, chunky, low toned riffs of Stephen Carpenter to the melodic vocals and screams of Chino Moreno, it’s easy to identify the Deftones.

The band mixed up their set throughout the night playing songs off of seven different albums. It was a great mix of music jumping around from their oldest to their “newest” material. The reason for newest being in quotations is that the Deftones have a new album coming out in September. As of right now, there’s not album title but the rest of the album is completed. New material off this upcoming album was not played at all but that didn’t come as a surprise, as Chino made it clear recently that fans wouldn’t be hearing anything new on this tour. The crowd was certainly mixed with fans of both the Deftones and Incubus, but the Deftones were welcomed by everyone. From the girl in the front row screaming, “Chino, I love you”, to the back of the seats where a group held up a flag with the album White Pony, the Deftones got everyone’s support.

deftones and incubusAfter a set that seemed to end too soon for Deftones fans, Incubus shortly came on afterwards. The band wasted no time at all and started the set off with hit after hit. Opening with “Wish You Were Here,” then going into “Anna Molly” and “Circles,” Incubus was running on all cylinders the entire night. The stage was backed with a giant curved LED screen with one on top of the stage as well. To go along with the screens, Incubus had an outstanding light show that set a great vibe for their set. Like the Deftones, Incubus also chose to vary up their setlist with songs throughout their music catalog. Fans got to hear songs from A Crow Left of the Murder…, Morning View, Trust Fall (Side A), Light Grenades, Make Yourself and others as well. The band sounded spot on and singer Brandon Boyd led the band through a solid 17 song setlist. The show was ended with a three song encore featuring “Dig,” “Drive” and “A Crow Left of the Murder” which featured a special Beatles closing.

deftones and incubusThe Deftones/Incubus tour runs until the end of August. Click here to check out the list of those dates. Note that the last show with the Deftones and Incubus together is on August 30th, at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, CA.

Deftones Setlist: Diamond Eyes, My Own Summer (Shove It), Lhabia, Beware, Bloody Cape, Sextape, You’ve Seen the Butcher, Rocket Skates, Tempest, Swerve City, Knife Prty, Digital Bath, Change (In the House of Flies), Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away), Headup, Birthmark, Engine No. 9

Incubus Setlist: Wish You Were Here, Anna Molly, Circles, Absolution Calling, Are You In?, Vitamin, Trust Fall, In the Company of Wolves, Nice to Know You, Here in My Room, Sick Sad Little World, Pardon Me, Make Out Party, Megalomaniac, Dig, Drive, A Crow Left of the Murder

deftones and incubus

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