Support Indie: Check Out Record Store Day’s Black Friday For Holiday Gifts

We know Record Store Day as that time in the middle of the spring (third weekend in April, to be exact) to take a huge gulp of thawing air and mark the change in season with some goodies and rarities from our favorite local record stores.

Record Store Day Black Friday

This Friday, Nov 28 – artists will be joining Record Store Day to mark the season with releases exclusive to the 2014 holiday season. It’s a way to help support independent record stores and musicians while grabbing some great gifts for music fans.

A number of artists are marking Record Store Day Black Friday with special releases just for Black Friday, whether a special vinyl pressing of an album they have already released or singles/other material being freshly released for the occasion. Most are released in limited quantities, making each a “rarity,” relatively speaking. A sampling of several genres will be on the shelves, depending on which store is your choice.

Releases fall under one of three categories, as notes:

EXCLUSIVE RELEASES—these are titles being released on 11/28 and which will only be available at indie record stores

SMALL RUN/REGIONAL RELEASES—these are titles that are being released in very small runs (1000 or less) or only in some regions of the country. We want them on the list but we want everyone to be aware of how hard they might be to find.

BLACK FRIDAY FIRST—these are titles that can be found FIRST at indie record stores but will be available at other retailers at some point.

Artists such as Green Day, The Flaming Lips, Neil Young, Wilco, Jenny Lewis, among others, will be participating.

For a list of the participating artists and their releases, check out the Record Store Day release page and their participating stores page to find a participating store in your neck of the woods. Dream up a wishlist or find a record for a friend.

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