Funk Sessions at Putnam Den with The New Mastersounds

The Heard opened a night of funk at Putnam Den, bringing blazing Chicago funk along with them courtesy of a solid horn section, who would later join The New Mastersounds for a few numbers. With guitarist Eddie Roberts leading the ultratight rhythm section, the night was full of instrumental funk that dipped into various subgenres of their signature sound, including funk of the late 60’s and early 70’s, surf rock, boogie, disco and Sly and the Family Stone-level peaks when accompanied by the horns. Little is left on the stage when the Leeds quartet plays and Saratoga Springs was fortunate to have such high caliber musicians in town. Here’s hoping to a quick return to the Capital Region. Check out their new album Therapy and see them in 2015 when they likely return to the Northeast for festival dates.

Setlist: Soulshine, All I Want, MRG, Yo Moma, Each to their own, This ain’t work, Pure, MM’s, Upstairs*, Fast Man*, Surfin, Burnt Back, Freckles>Be Yourself>Knees, 33*, Nervous*

Encore: 20 minutes of funk

*with The Heard horns