Danko Jones Announces New Album and Releases Single


Danko Jones, a rock and roll band from Canada, announced that their newest album, Fire Music, will be released February 6-11 around the world, and released their first single from the album, “Gonna Be A Fight Tonight,” on November 13th via a Facebook announcement.

The band, consisting of guitarist and singer Danko Jones — for whom the group is named — bassist John “JC” Calabrese, and drummer Rich Knox posted to Facebook that they are, “extremely proud” to announce this album. Additionally, Danko Jones released a music video for “Gonna Be A Fight Tonight,” consisting of footage taken from their previous tour cycle. They also released the track listing of Fire Music.

1. Wild Woman
2. The Twisting Knife
3. Gonna Be A Fight Tonight
4. Body Bags
5. Live forever
6. Do You Wanna Rock
7. Getting Into Drugs
8. Watch You Slide
9. I Will Break Your Heart
10. Piranha
11. She Ain’t Coming Home

More information on Danko Jones and their upcoming album can be found at their official Facebook page.

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