Interview: Vintage Trouble, Set to Take Over The Hollow and the World

This Sunday, Sept. 28 Vintage Trouble will be coming to The Hollow Bar in Albany, N.Y. This four piece rock n’ roll blues band hailing from California have been touring the country for a few years now, at times being asked to support major acts such as, The Who, Bon Jovi, and the Dave  Matthews Band.

In a phone interview earlier this week with NYS Music’s Jim Gilbert, all four members were excited to play Albany and share their music with the Capital Region.  “We’ve been touring non-stop for three and a half years now, just getting off the ‘Summer of Trouble’ tour and extending it to the ‘Swinghouse Acoustic’ tour that we are on now.”  Vintage Trouble has toured the world and plays around “200 shows a year, but up to 260 if you include radio stations” and other similar media outlets.  The even played the Jay Leno Show four times in one year.

When asked how he is able to continuing to sing every night with the brutal tour schedule, lead vocalist, Ty Taylor explained, “By not thinking about it. Stress is horrible and if you think too much [you could cause the issues]. Drink plenty of water and [practice] mental control.” He went on to say that he, “relies on the microphone to do its job” and trusting the mic allows him not to strain too much.

While the band is getting well-known for its initial release, The Bomb Shelter Sessions, drummer Richard Danielson reassured us that the band has been, “writing on the road and we have a lot more than those 10 songs.  We have three-quarters of the new album done and other songs to fill two hours.”  Stops on this tour can hear potentially up to 20 or more songs in a night, that will surely leave them craving for more.

People began to hear about them from these support gigs and began to arrive early to hear the band blaze through their short opening sets. With front man Ty Taylor moving about the stage like a mix between James Brown and Roger Daltrey, Nalle Colt soloing all over the songs, and Rich Barrio Dill and Richard Danielson holding down the rhythm section, the band is a sight to see and a pleasure to your ears.

It was this energy that attracted acts such as Bon Jovi, Lenny Kravitz and even The Who, to include them on European legs of their tour.  Bassist Rock Barrio Dill said they were “only going to be in the UK for three weeks, but ended up staying for seven months because these opportunities kept coming up”.  All the touring and travel, “cultivated a lot of new material.”

Taylor proudly went on to say that Vintage Trouble is “an independent band. It cost us less than $1000 to make the record. We couldn’t do a world release, [so it was slow to hit some countries.] It was released only a year ago in Japan and debuted at #4.  It took three years to get around the world, but like my mother always said ‘patience is a virtue.”

While Vintage Trouble just went into a recording partnership with Blue Note Records, the label is giving them a lot of freedom.  There is a mutual feeling of pride in releasing their own work, but it is nice to have a big brother helping them out.  However, recording is only a part of the equation.  Rick emphasized that “we consider ourselves a live band first. Wherever we take it, we will be a live band.”

Starting out at Harvelle’s Blues Club in Long Beach playing a weekly residency in a place with “true old blues energy” the locals dubbed it Trouble Tuesday. In fact, a friend of the band called the ever-growing weekly audience, “TroubleMakers”.  That name stuck and fans from around the world have joined the TroubleMakers.  With nearly 12,000 in their Facebook group, Nalle added, “the band stays in touch daily with the group.”.  It is also THE place to go to find out about the pre-show parties and after show events, as well as interact with like-minded fans.

Tickets are currently on sale now. The show starts at 7PM with The Soul Selector Tom PaPa Ray. Make sure to come out for this show and end the week with some rock n’ roll medicine.

Vintage Trouble

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