The Bots Loudly Announce Their Debut to the Capital Region

The Bots made their Albany debut at The Hollow on Sept. 10 and made sure to leave a mark on the venue. Hailing from California, brothers Anaiah and Mikaiah Lei brought all of their energy to the stage for their one hour performance. Mikaiah’s guitar playing can only be described as watching a man who is possessed by his instrument. Dancing all over the stage and completely letting go of himself throughout most songs, Mikaiah tore up the fret boards on both of the guitars he used during the show. With all of the moving he does on stage, one would think that his play would be sloppy, but it was anything but. Every song was played beautifully with ripping solos that his body and guitar produced.

BDL Photography

Over on the drums all night, Anaiah sat there moving his arms like lightning all over his kit. Putting his full body into the music as well, Anaiah set the pace for the evening and it was fast and furious. The amount of music that these two produce together is astounding. “Dinosaurs” was a great song and closer “5:17” was powerful. Both of these songs mixed  a lot of punk and hard rock into them, making an interesting blend to listen to. A great cover of The Ramones “I Wanna Be Well” was played straight forward and let The Bots honor one of their major influences. The small crowd loved every second of the show wanting the band to continue, but it was not meant to be on this night. For all of you who were not at this show, do not sleep on this band the next time they are near you. The Lei brothers have a lot of talent and are just starting on their journey to bigger and better things. Seeing talented bands in smaller rooms doesn’t last forever, and The Bots should be moving on up in no time. Their debut album Pink Palms is out Oct. 14 and you should look into getting yourself a copy to hear what you missed.

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