Excitement Builds as 2014 Catskill Chill Approaches

That time of year is slowly but steadily approaching where the leaves begin to change, the air becomes crisp and Summer festival season becomes just a memory. And so begins the countdown for the Catskill Chill. Each year Catskill Chill Festival brings a phenomenal lineup and a perfect end to the Summer festival season. Nestled quaintly in the quiet town of Hancock, New York, Camp Minglewood creates the perfect backdrop for a weekend in the great Northeast. Catskill Chill 2014 contains the intimate feel of a smaller hometown festival while bringing huge names and large crowds for a weekend to remember. Past acts have included The Meter Men with Page McConnell of Phish, Lotus, Dopapod, Papadosio, Lettuce, Yonder Mountain String Band, Soulive, JGB, Umphrey’s McGee and many, many more. In true Chill fashion, the line up covers a broad spectrum of some of the best acts, big and small. It is no wonder that Catskill Chill has quickly become a staple to every veteran festival goers Summer tour season. Buy your tickets now!


Alongside a weekend of phenomenal music, The Chill offers a variety of different activities that creates an environment that is much more than just a festival ground. Festival attendees are offered daily yoga classes, open mics, a wide array of vendors to browse through and a full farmer’s market where one can purchase fresh produce. While camping is offered, there are also cabins on premise that are rented out for a small group of people and offer running water, beds and a roof over your head for a long weekend of music and good vibes. Each day at the Chill offers a different experience and a variety of different musical acts to expand even the most musically diverse pallet. Below are the day-to-day schedules along with some must see performances that make up this truly spectacular festival.



The Primate Fiasco (6:30pm-7:45pm): The versatility and energy behind the Primate Fiasco is one to be reckoned with. The band is compiled of a broad spectrum of instruments (i.e. sousaphone, banjo, brass, woodwinds, drums), and they’ve been known to burst into a full blown dance party in the middle of the street when they feel necessary. The band clearly has a great time on stage together and you can’t help but move your feet while these guys do what they do best.

Marco Benevento (10pm-11:25 pm): Amazing music, amazing guy and a ton of whiskey. Benevento is known to keep a bottle of Maker’s Mark as well as a giant tiger head on stage with him for when things get really wild. Aside from the fact that he is a brilliant musician, he also contains quite the stage presence. This performance will without a doubt be fun and entertaining, but also be packed with musical talent.

Twiddle (Dead Set) (10:30pm-12:15am): Over the past couple years Twiddle has gained exponential recognition within the music scene for their talents. There is certainly a reason their music draws such large crowds, and the fact that they’re doing an entire Grateful Dead set? You definitely do not want to miss this!

Lettuce (11:15pm-1:15am)- Hands down one of the funkiest bands to see live. Each member in the band brings a fantastic amount of talent to make up this power house of funk.


Shpongle (Simon Posford DJ set) (2:30-4:00 am)- While the Simon Posford DJ set isn’t the full Shpongle experience, if you’re into DMT fueled, spacey, electronic dance parties you certainly want to catch this performance. Posford is not just a musical genius but also a performer. He knows how to entertain a crowd and he does it well.


Tauk (6:30pm-8:30pm): Tauk gained rapid popularity with their entirely instrumental 2013 album, Homonculous. It says a lot about a musician when you can experience an array of emotions through an album without words. This foursome from NYC is packed with so much energy and talent they definitely make the “do not miss” list.

Consider the Source (7pm-8pm): Consider the Source brings a taste of Middle-Eastern fusion to the jamband scene. The trio’s stage presence blends multiple genres and sounds to create something unlike anything you’ve ever heard. If that doesn’t do it for you, go for the fretless double necked guitar that Gabriel Marin plays with great ease. If you’ve never seen Consider the Source life, make sure to get down to their acoustic set on Saturday evening.

Yonder Mountain String Band (8pm-10pm): Yonder Mountain String Band brings a perfect blend of jam and bluegrass while bringing a musical diversity to a genre that has set them apart from many artists in the live music community. While Yonder brings more of a low key vibe to start off your evening, there is certainly not a lack of pickin’ and mind blowing jams.

Cosby Sweater (8:30pm-10pm): Cosby Sweater is a live electronic trio bringing live mash-ups and high energy dance remixes. While these days there seems to be an abundance of “EDM” acts at every festival coast to coast, Cosby Sweater sets themselves apart with their kitchy name, unabashed musical talent and obvious ability to set the crowd into a full blown dance frenzy.

The New Deal (11:15pm-1:15am): The announcement of The New Deal’s reunion flipped the music world upside down. The trio includes original bassist Dan Kurtz, original keyboardist Jamie Shields and new to the band, Joel Stouffer on the drums. The New Deal always puts on a fantastic performance and is the perfect set to start your evening off right. The amount of excitement that has surrounded their Summer tour is incredible, so make sure you check these guys out before they retire, again.



Turkuaz (12:30pm-1:55pm): A diverse arrangement of music, instruments and excessive funk. Turkuaz has quickly become one of the funkiest bands on the East Coast. Visually their performances are stunning and the amount of energy pouring out from the stage makes it damn near impossible to not get caught up in all that is Turkuaz.

Particle (3:15pm-4:40pm): Particle is known for its progressive rock-jam roots and has acquired a wildly enthusiastic following referred to as “Particle People.” A perfect blend of electronic and organic, Particle is a phenomenal act to add to the already outstanding line up of the Chill.

The Manhattan Project (5:30pm-6:30pm): The Manhattan Project has quickly acquired one of the fastest growing followings of any electronic duo in the Northeast. The duo has made their mark on the music scene with their high energy performances, fantastic covers and live remixes that will keep any crowd moving from beginning to end. If you have yet to see these guys do their thing, don’t miss them at the Chill.

Kung Fu (6pm-7:25pm): Kung Fu is easily summed up by a ball of energetic, funk explosion. Every member of the band plays with so much enthusiasm it is evident that these guys have a ton of fun doing what they do. Often taking the stage fully clad in their Kung Fu attire, the band in its entirety loves what they do, and what they do is done well.

Electron (9pm-11pm): Electron is the original Disco Biscuits side project made up of Marc Brownstein, Aron Magner, Tommy Hamilton of Brothers Past and Mike Greenfield of Lotus. This is one insane mash up of some of the biggest names on the scene and their performance will be nothing short of excellent.

See you soon #ChillFam!

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