Keith Urban At Darien Lake

Keith Urban is a little bit country, a little bit pop, and a whole lot of heart. He loves being on stage and it showed in his concert at Darien Lake Performance Art Center.  It was more than just a performance for the audience to witness; Urban made them a part of the show.  In one example, he brought a young girl up to take a “selfie” on stage. Later, Urban brought contest winner Jordan Hokaj of Lancaster onto the stage to sing a duet with him on the song, “We Were Us”.  The crowd was clearly thrilled to have some of their own sharing the stage with the talented Urban. When he wasn’t wooing the crowd, Urban was performing hits that the crowd was eager to sing along with.  “Cop Car” and other songs from his recent album Fuse got just as much love from the audience as did some of his older songs like,  “Without You” and “You Look Good in My Shirt”.  Packed full of excitement and talent, Urban showed he has the recipe to keep his fans coming back for more.


Setlist:  Love’s Poster Child, Sweet Thing, Somewhere In My Car, Only You Can Love Me This Way, Long Hot Summer, Even the Stars Fall 4 U, We Were Us, Kiss a Girl, Used to the Pain, Good Thing, I Told You So, Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me, Stupid Boy, Little Bit of Everything, Something Like That (Tim McGraw cover), Days Go By, Without You, You Look Good in My Shirt, Cop Car, You Gonna Fly, Put You in a Song

Encore:  Making Memories of Us, Better Life, Somebody Like You