Hearing Aide: Overkill: White Devil Armory

overkill-white-devil-armory-album-coverNew Jersey thrash metal outfit Overkill unleashed their 17th album, White Devil Armory, a couple of weeks ago and could possibly be the best metal album of the year. It is a nonstop thrill ride from start to finish. Overkill has been overlooked for many years because they were never considered the “big four” of thrash metal. White Devil Armory makes the argument that it should be rebranded as such.

The album starts out with the intro “XDM” which is just a short but haunting instrumental tune. Then all of a sudden BOOM! the album gets in your face and makes your ears bleed with “Armorist”. Overkill has never sounded better and showed no signs of slowing down. Armorist is a song made to be played live.

The album never slows down. White Devil Armory continues to hold the pedal on the gas with “Down to the Bone” and “Pig” before going into the six minute bone shattering anthem “Bitter Pill” which is the lead single off the album. Dave Linsk’s guitar solos are groovy as hell and the vocals of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth are as fiend as ever. But what stands out the most is the drumming from Ron Lipnicki. My arms and legs get tired just listening to those drums pound.

Another track that really stands out is “Freedom Rings” a real thrash masterpiece as well as closing track “In The Name”.

Overall, White Devil Armory is an album that cannot be overlooked. Most deffinately a candidate for best metal album of 2014. Mabe one of the best thrash metal albums of  the decade too. There are no light or slow tracks; It’s nonstop thrash, very heavy album. Overkill clearly has a lot left in the tank. It’s time to really reevaluate who the “big four” of thrash metal really are.

You can purchase White Devil Armory here.

KEY TRACKS: Armorist, Pig, Bitter Pill, Freedom Rings

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