The Best of Phish at SPAC Top 10 Moments

After 14 amazing shows since 1992, Phish is returning to SPAC on July 3rd, 4th and 5th to celebrate the start of their summer tour and America’s birthday in the process. We asked fans what some of the top moments of Phish at SPAC over the past 20 years were, and here are what they came up with.

10) La Grange bustout 7/8/12

After 13 years without the ZZ Top classic, SPAC was blessed with a set closing “La Grange” in a summer of bustouts.

9) Massive storm just before the 8/16/09 show & Llama>Moma opener

Maybe you got stuck in the downpour outside the gates, maybe you were lucky to be in the pavilion or under cover already when it hit. The rain was torrential and the Llama>Moma made up for it immediately.

8) Tweezer Reprise opener/encore 6/19/10 

Phish can be funny sometimes. Having not ended with Tweezer Reprise the night before, they opened with it at SPAC, and for some reason, closed with it too. Because why not?

7) Harpua with ‘I Kissed a Girl’ 8/16/09

This was a fun moment – getting a tour-ending ‘Harpua’ and Fishman singing a Katy Perry song. Only Phish.

6) Sabotage  in honor of MCA 7/7/12


5) Psycho Killer 7/6/12

Amid all those bustouts in the summer of 2012 came one of the most sought after Phish covers, nestled comfortable inside a “Tube”

4) Mike’s Groove 7/10/94

Mid-second set went a little something like this: Mike’s Song -> Low Rider -> Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove. That monster Stash in the first set bumps this show up a few notches on principle alone.

No video exists of this show, so enjoy some audio from

3) DWD -> Free > Poor Heart > You Enjoy Myself 6/26/95

Three ‘highly recommended’ jams, according to, plus a little bluegrass mixed into the start of a monster second set, just as Phish was expanding into amphitheaters.

2) ASITHOS > Piper -> Jibboo 6/19/04

This show’s second set gives 7/8/12 a run for its money, and rightly so. Some of the finest jamming to come out of the 2004 tour, although that isn’t saying a lot. Still, this was a gem if you were there.

1) The Entire Second Set 7/8/12

This setlist pretty much says it all – nonstop playing for more than an hour. Oh and they encored with YEM. Easily one of the best if not the best Phish show at SPAC.

Set 2: Axilla > Light > Twist > Kill Devil Falls -> My Friend, My Friend > Swept Away > Steep > Piper > Free > Kung > Harry Hood > Cavern > David Bowie