Free Soulive Show at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

SLV_0235Supergroups in music usually consist of members who are individually famous for their prior work with another band. If Soulive were to form today, you could say that they would be a funk supergroup, snatching up members from some of the top bands in the scene. That’s not the case though as this is a band that has been around since the late ’90s and is in the opposite position – they were one of the bands who laid the groundwork for funk’s recent resurgence and the groups leading that push today. The trio consists of Alan Evans on drums, Neal Evans on organ/bass keys, and Eric Krasno on guitar.

At one point the band had been a touring force, even opening for the Rolling Stones and Dave Matthews. Their instrumental combination of funk, jazz, soul, and rock was enlivening and people were taking notice. With each of these guys though, keeping the pedal to the floor and constantly being involved in the scene has led to other projects and ventures. Neal and Eric are touring to a greater capacity with Lettuce, Eric splits that with contributing in the studio and occasionally touring with Tedeschi Trucks Band, while Alan has Playonbrother who have been making a name for themselves as of late. Alan also owns his own studio and regularly produces records for various bands. The net of it is that Soulive performances are now a rarity and shouldn’t be squandered. Given the fact that their shows don’t happen often, with the talent these guys possess, anytime they do get together, it’s usually a magical performance replete with inspiring moments of musical mastery. This Saturday, Rochester is in for a treat as Soulive is set to perform at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival. If my words aren’t a big enough nudge, the show is free and is the only local tour date for the band besides a late August date in Turin when they appear at moe.down. The show kicks off at 9pm at the East Ave. & Alexander St. Stage and is one Jazz Fest act you don’t want to miss.