Jbre x Dougie Kent Release New Single “Stimulation”

Hailing from Lancaster, PA Jbre x Dougie Kent is a new hybrid breed of music infusing elements of both commercial hip-hop/rap with their EDM producer SaneBeats from London, U.K. At 22 years old, one would dismiss “#TheDuo” as a novelty act, however, doing this would be a disservice to these young musicians who have carefully honed their craft over the past two years.

After dropping their iTunes debut album After Hours in January 2014 and opening for legends such as DMX. G-Eazy, Wale, and countless others – Jbre x Dougie Kent drop their latest single “Stimulation”. Produced by SaneBeats, the single leaves listeners to a more mature side of the artists. Margaret Kramer, also a Lancaster native, was brought into the studio after being praised for her talents at a local college party. Jbre x Dougie Kent will be announcing tour dates this summer which includes various shows such as their highly anticipated concert July 20th in Hollywood, CA at The Avalon. Catch the new song “Stimulation” along with others on Trap and Bass below!

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