Hearing Aide: Perfect Pussy’s Full Length Debut ‘Say Yes to Love’

FolderPerfect Pussy’s full length debut Say Yes to Love is the core definition of hardcore punk.  An album that is very loud, fast, noisy, and with a much-needed raw attitude that most punk bands are lacking nowadays.

My initial reaction when I start playing the album was “WTF?” because I didn’t see it coming.  Once the opening track “Driver” started, I knew I was in for a punch in the nose.  My favorite track is easily “Work” because of the eerie opening guitar riff from Ray McAndrew mixed with the quick trippy bass line from Greg Ambler.  Vocalist Meredith Graves spits out punk-like poetry throughout the entire album over muffled noise that adds a very unorthodox flavor to their sound.

Another fun track is “Advance Upon the Real,” which is very muffled and very fast.  The drums from Garrett Koloski really stand out on this one.   Keyboardist Shaun Sutkus’ talent is on full display with the closing track “VII” which seems to be slightly subliminal.

Overall, Say Yes to Love is a very fast-paced and trippy punk record that can be played from front to back in less than a half hour.  It’s definitely a fun listen and a breath of fresh air, but, most important, the element that stands out the most is the attitude.  Perfect Pussy has a bright future and Say Yes to Love is a must own for any hardcore punk fan.  The album can be purchased here.

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