Formula 5 Announce Sophomore Album ‘Edging on Catastrophe’, Addition of New Bassist James Woods

Upstate New York’s Formula 5 have announced the release of their sophomore album Edging on Catastrophe. A more ambitious project than their debut album, it contains 13 tracks total and has a run-time of near 75 minutes. Recorded at the beautiful Edie Road Recording Studios in Argyle, NY, Edging on Catastrophe seeks to illustrate the progression of the groups song-writing and album-crafting, while continuing to satisfy the group’s ever-expanding palette for different musical styles.

Sprinkled into this album are various musical styles including bluegrass, folk, funk, reggae, and electronica, among others. This album incorporates a more cohesive feel with each track thoughtfully blending into the next through the use of re-occurring melodies and lyrical themes throughout. The appearance of acoustic guitar, violin, saxophone, trombone, an increased use of synthesizers, instrument and studio effects provide for a more polished final product. Guitarist and songwriter Joe Davis echoed this sentiment. “I’m really excited for people to hear the growth we’ve had over the last year. I feel this album is much more complete than our last and I think that will be clear right from the very first track. We explored a lot of new territory this time around in the studio and I’m extremely pleased with our effort.”

Album release shows will be held on April 18th at Red Square in Albany, NY with The Hornitz (Boston, MA) and Suitable Groove (Albany, NY) opening the show, and April 19th at The Monopole in Plattsburgh with locals North Funktree opening.

The April 19th show also marks the debut of new bassist James Woods joining the band with his fretless bass and a root in jam and improvisation. “It feels great to be a part of a band which not only appreciates the bass but also a band that works as a whole. Every instrument is adding equally to deliver music, not just a spotlight for a single person.” Joining the band has proved seamless for Woods, a Lake George native. “Being a new member to this group I’m exited to add a fusion edge to the sound, constantly piece together original ideas and bring the fretless tone back and into local music.” Added Woods, “It’s not every day that you can link up with some new musicians and throw together a Jeff Beck song in a few minutes.”

Keyboardist Mike McDonald follows suit with the excitement of Woods’ addition to the band. “We are extremely excited for the next chapter of Formula 5. What immediately drew us to James was his interesting style and bass tone. He plays a fretless jazz bass and immediately brought a new feel to our style of improvisation and groove. You will notice this change instantly, but we feel this is a great opportunity for us to evolve as a band, continue to write interesting new material and push the boundaries of what we want to do as a band. James will be a key component of really pushing us there.”


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