Hearing Aide: Pants & the Family are ‘Lost In The Wash’

Lockport, NY group Pants and the Family has recently released their debut recording Lost In the Wash. They will be celebrating the CD’s release with a record release party at the Tuscarora Inn in Lockport, NY on March 21, 2014. The trio is made up of members Bronchi Ducat (Drums, Break Pad, I pod, Smokes), ChuChi LaFace (Synthesizer, Disco Ball, Running Commentary) and Boris Smellengood (Bass Guitar, Pedal Noises, Singing). The group describes themselves as ‘electrocarnival punk’ which is an apt appraisal. The music is sparse with the concentration centered on the comedic lyrics and vocals. Stripped down, yet cosmic arrangements featuring drums, rhythmic bass pulses, samples and simplistic synthesized accompaniment allow the music to take on a comedic and eclectic edge.

Pants in the Family

Running the gamut from acapella to psych, rock to punk and the undefinable, Pants and the Family ring out your mind with this record. The album sometimes sounds like an inside joke between friends, causing the humor to get lost under the premise of it feeling like it was developed for a small and certain group of people. But, for the intrepid listener who has the musical time to dive the thick musical soup developed by the sixteen tracks, they can expect to have an interesting time as well as some laughs. Think New Wave meets Weird Al via a group of Talking Heads fans on acid.

The majority of the songs feature humorous thematic premises. The songs do seem a bit cold in their production, sometimes keeping you at arm’s length, never inviting you in, which is unfortunate, because if I knew what the band wanted me to take serious and what to laugh at, the recording would be a greater success. Regardless, their fearless musical attempts make the listener unable to turn away, always in anticipation of what the hell is coming next! The vocals are an acquired taste, they undulate between very humorous and cringe worthy, if the vocals do make you grimace at any point, the lyrical content keeps things light. See, ‘Hey Bartender’ for examples of this view on the vocal gymnastics.

The sonic introductions on many of the tracks are the recordings highlights. The soundscapes beginning ‘Lil Dancer’ and ‘Better Get On the Horse’ are creative and well thought out scene setting musical moments. It’s obvious that the band is made up of capable musicians that do not take themselves too seriously, and that are just looking to disseminate a good laugh through their tunes. For a listening experience filled with chuckles and lots of ‘What the’s?’, do not look any further than Pants and the Family’s debut release, Lost In the Wash. A refreshing collection of music that will make you rummage through the pockets of a range of aural emotions.

The new album is available to stream on Soundcloud and available to purchase here. You can find up to date information on the group at their official homepage.

Key Tracks: Pragmatic Particle, Lil Dancer, Saying Hi To Cows

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